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Visit to Ghanteswari temple in Sambalpur dist, Odisha

The unique temple of bells known as Maa Ghanteswari temple in Sambalpur district, Odisha was built by the sailors of the ancient times. The temple is situated on the banks of River Mahanadi. The sailors in ancient times used to tie bells and ring the bell as a warning / alarm before heavy storms / winds. This served the purpose of a lighthouse with no light for the navigators.
Ghanteswari temple is one of the popular temples in Sambalpur district. The local devotees offer bells of different sizes to the local deity after their wish is fulfilled. They tie / hang these to the iron arch in front of the temple. The word 'ghanta' means bell and surprising, the face of the goddess is also bell-shaped, hence the goddess is known as Maa Ghanteswari.
The temple is located in a tranquil place with beautiful surroundings. The temple is located at a distance of 33 Km from Sambalpur. Chipilima dam across Mahanadi river and hydroelectric power plant is located near the temple.

Well walking down the memory lane, I faintly remember going to this wonderful unique temple / goddess of bells - one of its kind. It was a summer trip to Hirakud dam, Chipilima dam and Ghanteswari temple which was an enjoyable one. I think, things might have changed over the decades. The place was cool in mid-summer with shady trees sometime back, now I think the place might have been affected with global warming.

Getting here is somewhat difficult. You need to visit and stay at Sambalpur in Odisha. From here you can get a cab or frequent public transit buses to Chipilima village which is 1 Km away from Ghanteswari temple.

Though no much of shopping at this place and not much of restaurants around. However you can get some local food stuff from the local roadside dhabas. It is nice place for a family's day out.

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