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Significance And Importance Of Guru Purnima

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Ashta Lakshmi - The Eight Forms of Goddess Lakshmi

Lakshmi Devi is the Hindu Goddess of Wealth and is considered as the wife of Lord Vishnu. She is believed to be the daughter of Ksheera Samudra Raja or the King of Oceans. The Goddess of Wealth, Lakshmi Devi is always portrayed as sitting on Padmam or the Lotus and with an ever-smiling face. She is also considered as the Goddess of beauty. Hindus believe that there are eight different faces / forms of Goddess Lakshmi and each face of Lakshmi is assigned with a name that is associated with the specific boon that she bestows on her devotees. Accordingly, the eight faces i.e forms of Goddess Lakshmi are collectively known as Ashta Lakshmi. Though there are 8 faces of Goddess Lakshmi, yet she is called by different names almost 1001 names like Sridevi, Ramaa, Padma, Pankaja, Madhavi, Sundari, Saroja etc.

CBSE Science Notes On Plants for Class 6

Parts of a plant Root system and shoot system are the two main systems in a plant. The root system which contains roots and root hairs remains under the soil in most of the plants. While the shoot system remains erect (upright) above the soil and it has stem, leaves, flowers and fruits.

Ganesh Chaturthi Festival Celebration 2020

Ganesh Chaturthi is a 10-day (actually 9-days) festival celebrated all over India. It is also known as Vinayaka Chaturthi and Vinakaya Chaviti.

The festival is celebrated on Bhadrapada Suddha Chaviti day i.e on the 4th day after Amavasya (the day of moonless night) in the Hindu month of Bhadrapada. It marks the birthday of Ganesha.

Kailasagiri Hill Top Tourist Attraction of Visakhapatnam

About VisakhapatnamVisakhapatnam is a spectacularly beautiful city located in the east coast of northern Andhra Pradesh. The city is famous for its natural beauty and is one of the favorite cities of the people of Andhra Pradesh as it provides a peaceful ambiance with friendly locals. Visakhapatnam (aka Vizag) is one of the fastest growing smart cities of India and also one of the top 10 cleanest cities of India.

The Imposing Medak Cathedral Church, Telangana

The imposing Medak Cathedral in Telangana is one of its kind that is built in Gothic style with stained glass windows. It is one of the major tourist attractions of the city and is the most visited church in South India. The church is built by Charles Walker Fasnet and was consecrated on December 25, 1924.

Ancient Buddhist Sites In Andhra Pradesh

Andhra Pradesh (A.P), a coastal state in the south-east India, is rich in Hindu pilgrimage places like the world famous Tirumala - the abode of Lord Venkateswara. There state is also abundant in ancient Buddhist pilgrimage sites dating back to the BCE (Before Current Era) period which reflect the past glory of Buddhism in this region.