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EVS Class 2 Ques and Ans on Kinds of Plants

Author Reserves All Rights. Copyrighted Material Kinds of Plants Question and answersWhat are trees?
Ans. Big and tall plants are called trees.They have thick and strong stem called trunk.They live for many years.E.g. mango tree, neem tree, banyan tree etc.
What are shrubs?
Ans. Small plants with hard and woody stem are called shrubs. They live for many years. E.g rose plants, jasmine plant, tulsi plant etc.
What are climbers and creepers? Write the difference between them?
Ans. Climbers and creepers are plants with weak stems that cannot stand by themselves.
Plants that climb on to other near by plants or objects for support are called climbers. E.g. grapevine, money plant and pea plant.
Plants in which the stem grows along the ground are called creepers. E.g. watermelon and pumpkin.
What are annual plants?
Ans. Plants that live for one season are called annual plants.
What are biennial plants?
Ans. Plants that live for two seasons or more than one season are called biennial plants.
What ar…

Class 6 Science Notes on Structure and Functions of Plant Parts - Part 2

Check Part  1 of the lesson.
The Flower Flower is the most important part of the plant. It is the reproductive part of the plant and is meant for giving rise to new plants. It has a stalk known as pedicel. Some flowers do not have pedicel and such flowers are called sessile.
Parts of a flower A flower has four parts. These are:
Calyx: The outermost whorl made of green leaf-like protective structure called sepal.
Corolla: The next inner whorl made of brightly coloured structures called petals that attract insects.
Stamens: This is the third inner whorl that consists of swollen structures called anthers that are present on the tip of thread-like filaments. Anthers produce powdery substance called pollen grains that contain the male reproductive cells.Carpel (pistil): This is the innermost whorl and is the female part of a flower. It consists a swollen base called ovary and a long tubular structure called style that ends with a knob-like part called stigma. Ovary contains ovules which has…

Class 6 Science Notes on Structure and Functions of Plant Parts - Part I

Copyrighted Material. Author Reserves All Rights

Check Part 2 of the lesson.

Flowering plants are classified into 3 types:
TreesShrubs andHerbs Parts of a flowering plant A flowering plant has two parts:
Root system: The part of the plant that grows under the ground. It consists of roots and root hairs.
Shoot system: The part of the plant that grows above the ground. It consists of stem, branches, leaves, flowers and fruits. Root System There are 2 types of root systems:
1. Tap rootTap root consists of one thick main root called the primary root that grows vertically down into the soil.Many branches called the secondary root grow from the primary root.E.g. tulasi, neem etc. 2. Fibrous rootThere is no main root but a number of fibre-like roots grow in cluster from the bottom of the stem and spread out into the soil.All the plants of grass family like paddy (rice) and wheat have fibrous roots. Functions of rootRoots fix the plant to the soil.They absorb water and minerals from the soil and…

Farewell Speech By School Principal to Outgoing Students

Author Reserves All Rights.

This sample speech would be helpful for the school principal to deliver on the occasion of school farewell day party.

Respected teachers and my dear students,

Good Morning / Good Afternoon to each one present here and a very warm welcome to you to the school farewell party.

It's a nostalgic feeling as I remember my student life in school and my school farewell party. I am sure we all have mixed feelings on this day which is a blend of joy and sadness. On one hand you feel enthusiastic as you will be stepping into a completely new different world where you will find relatively more freedom than in a school life. While on the other hand you will feel sad as you have to depart from your school / classmates.

My dear friends the time has come to bid you all farewell with a heavy heart from this esteemed institution which protected you, cared for you, supported you and guided you all these years.

The institution has given you the best academics, provided you …

Republic Day speech 2019 for school or college principal

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Republic Day speech for school or college principal to be delivered on January 26.

Esteemed teachers and my dear students

Dear children, you know that today we have gathered here to celebrate our 70th Republic Day. And I would like to wish you all a Happy Republic Day!

I feel honoured to speak a few lines about our country on this auspicious day. If time permits, I wish I could speak volumes about the greatness of our nation.

Republic Day is one of the National Festivals besides Independence Day and Gandhi Jayanti.

Let's recapitulate about the importance and significance of Republic Day. After India became free from the British Rule in 1947, the Constituent Assembly had framed the Constitution of India.

And it was on this day in 1950 when we adopted our own Constitution and India became a Republic. I think some of you might be wondering what is Republic. A country that is governed by a President and the representatives chosen by the people is called a r…

Beware of the Pandas in Puri Jagannath temple and Lingaraj temple

Puri and Bhubaneswar lie in the Golden Triangle of Odisha. Many tourists visit these places every year. Moreover, Puri Jagannath temple is one of the famous Char Dhams. Those who visited Jagannath temple and Bhubaneswar Lingaraj temple might be aware of the Pandas in these temples. Beware of these Pandas who are just guides and not authorized priests.

They hang around / spend time in these temples to make few bucks from the pilgrims who come from other regions / states. These people are the so-called priest-cum-guides and they easily make out whether the visitors / pilgrims are locals or non-locals. As soon as they see the non-local pilgrims entering the temple, they approach or literally chase them and speak to them politely saying that they don't demand money but just help / guide you for an easy darshan of the Mahapuru (Mahaprabhu i.e Lord Jagannath / Lingaraj). They keep following / chasing you till you engage one.

If you refuse to engage them, they go away literally cursing …

Class 4 Social Studies: Our Water Resources

Importance and uses of water Water is essential for life on Earth. Living things cannot survive without water. Nearly 97% of water on Earth is in the oceans and seas which is salty and is not fit for use. Only 3% of water on Earth is potable i.e. fresh water and is suitable for domestic and agricultural use.
We use water for cooking, drinking, cleaning, washing and for many more activities. Farmers use water to irrigate the fields and to grow crops.

A Holy Visit to Pashupatinath Temple in Kathmandu, Nepal.

About Nepal and Kathmandu Nepal is a landlocked country in the Southern Asia. It is mainly located in the Himalayas bordering North and North-East India. Kathmandu is the capital city of Nepal and is at an altitude of 4,600 feet above sea level. The city lies in the Kathmandu Valley of central Nepal in the Himalayan hill region. The city experiences a subtropical climate with warm days and cool nights.

A majority of the people in Kathmandu follow Hinduism. The local people speak Hindi fluently. Buddhism is also followed by the people of Nepal.
About Pashupatinath Temple Pashupatinath temple in Kathmandu, Nepal is one of the most sacred Hindu temples dedicated to Lord Shiva. It is an ancient 8th century temple complex located on the banks of Bagmati River. This age-old temple is designated as World Heritage site by the UNESCO (United Nations Educational Scientific and Cultural Organization).

A divinely visit to the world famous Pashupatinath temple (Shiva temple) is the dream of a maj…

A summer evening at NTR Gardens, Hyderabad

NTR Gardens in Hyderabad is centrally located, opposite to Hussain Sagar Lake. The Park is one of the top attractions of Hyderabad and is heavily crowded with visitors particularly in the evenings. The park is a recreational centre for both children and adults who love to hang out at this place.

The timings of the garden are 2.30 p.m to 8.30 p.m and on holidays the timings are 12.30 p.m to 8.30 p.m. The park is open on all days. It's extremely hot in summer in Hyderabad, so evenings are the best time to move out along with children. There is spacious car parking however it's a bit difficult to get parking lot.

There are different gates for gents and ladies to enter inside. At the entrance there are statues of golden bulls (Nandi) on either side and fountain at the centre. Right in front you can see the ticket counters and a cloak room where you need to deposit your heavy baggages that are not allowed inside the park.
We recently visited NTR gardens and spent the evening at th…


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