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Enjoyable Animal Show and Tram Ride at Singapore Mandai Night Safari

The Hyderabad-Singapore non-stop Indigo flight departed from Hyderabad (RGIA) airport at 2.20 am (early hours of 2nd Mar) and landed at Changi Airport, Singapore at 10 am (local time). After completing the automated immigration and collecting our baggage from Terminal 2 we walked on the Link Bridge to see the Rain Vortex at Jewel Changi . There are many attractions at Changi airport and Jewel Changi but due to time constraint we visited only the Rain Vortex. Our Day 1 (2nd Mar 2024) itinerary included Night Safari at Mandai Wildlife Reserve. Our pick up time from V Hotel Lavender was 5.30 p.m and we were in the lobby by 5.15 pm. We wanted to show them that we (Indians) too are very punctual. Anyways we enjoyed the ride from the hotel to Mandai with full of greenery on either sides of the road. We reached the place at around 6.45 pm and the Safari will be open at 7.15 pm. .Animal Show begins at 7.30 pm and visitors are allowed to enter 15 minutes before the show, so we went to the nea

Spellbinding Rain Vortex at Jewel Changi Airport, Singapore

Singapore and Malaysia trip was in my bucket list since long. Finally this year we went on a week day family trip to these two countries. On 1st Mar 2024 my daughter had her last exam of the school annual exams and the same night we took Indigo non-stop flight to Singapore which departed from Hyderabad at 02.20 am (early hours of 2nd March). We booked 4 N at Singapore and 2 N at Malaysia through a travel agency in India for a stress-free holiday. We planned for the trip three weeks in advance and two weeks before the trip we got our approved visas for Singapore. No visa requirement for Malaysia. Singapore tourist visas are just hard copies and not stamped in the passport unlike the visas of most of the countries. Normally Singapore tourist visas are easily approved within 4 to 5 working days. Once we got our approved visas, the travel agent shared us the trip itinerary and we started packing up for the trip. Our packing included visa debit card, emergency medical kit and other neces

School Speech on 'Say NO to Corruption - Commit to the Nation

School speech on 'Say NO to Corruption - Commit to the Nation' useful for school students to speak in speech / elocution competitions Namaste, I ______ (your name) of class ___ (your class and section) would like to share my views on ''Say NO to Corruption - Commit to the Nation'. Corruption is the most dishonest and criminal act of an individual or an organization. Corruption hampers the development of the nation. Unfortunately, some people misuse their power and involve themselves in corruption for illegitimate personal gains. Finally citizens lose trust in the government whose officials are involved in corruption. And this leads to the economic degradation of the country. Hence to build a corrupt-free, prosperous and developed nation we, as the future citizens of the country, should be committed to the nation and say a BIG NO TO CORRUPTION. The foremost reason for corruption is too much greed for money. People are involved in corruption irresptive of their soc

Indian National Flag History in English

1906 - A National Flag of India was hoisted for the first time in Calcutta (present Kolkata) during the Swadeshi Movement and Boycott Movement. The National Flag had: 3 stripes of colors - green, yellow and red Top green band with 8 lotus flowers 'Vandemataram' written in Devanagari script on the middle yellow band The bottom red band with Sun in the right corner and crescent moon in the left corner 1907 - A flag similar to the flag hoisted in 1906 with slight modifications was raised by Madame Bhikaji Cama in Paris. The top saffron band with 8 flowers Middle yellow band with 'Vandemataram' in Devanagari script. Bottom green band with crescent moon and star to the right and sun in the left. The flag was exhibited in Berlin at the Socialist Conference and came to be called the Berlin Committee Flag. 1917 - During Home Rule Movement Annie Besant and Bal Gangadhar Tilak hoisted another flag which signified autonomous rule for Indians with the colonial empire. The Brit

Hailstorm Experience at Kufri near Shimla, Himachal Pradesh

On Day 4 of our Uttarakhand and Himachal Pradesh tour we had a long road trip from Mussoorie to Shimla of nearly 8 hours. Day 5 on 27th April 2023: We started a bit early for a one day sight-seeing in and around Shimla. Our first destination was Kufri where my daughter wanted to enjoy few adventure activities. Shimla is the capital of Himachal Pradesh. It is one of the popular hill stations of India and was known as the Queen of Hill Stations. Shimla is situated at a height of 7,240 ft. The panoramic and spellbounding valley views are the main attractions of for the tourists. These valleys are rich in pine, oak and deodar trees. Many people visit this place to escape the din of the city and have a peace of mind. While few others visit for adventure activities. As the car moved up and up the ghat we kept admiring the beauty of nature at this place. The tall green trees in the valley looked awesome. The scenic beauty of the morning sunrays penetrating through the tall trees was simp

Annamacharya Keertana Podagantimayya Mimmu Lyrics in English and Telugu

Lyrics in English: Podagantimayya Mimmu Purushottama Mammu Nedayakavayya koneti Raayada Korimammu nelinatti kuladaivama, chala Nerichi peddalichina nidhanama Gaaravinchi dappi deerchu kaala meghamaa, maaku Cheruva chittamuloni Srinivasudaa Bhavimpa kaivasamaina Paarijatamaa, mammu Chevadera gaachinatti Chintamani Kaavinchi korikalicche Kamadhenuva, Mammu Taavai rakshincheti Dharanidhara Chedaneeka bratikinche Siddhamantrama, Om Namo Venkatesaya.... Rogaa ladachi rakshinche divyaushadama Badibaayaka tirige Pranabandhudaa, mammu Gadiyinchinatti Sri Venkatanadhudaa Lyrics in Telugu: పొడగంటిమయ్య మిమ్ము పురుషోత్తమా మమ్ము| నెడయకవయ్య కోనేటి రాయడా||2|| కోరిమమ్ము నేలినట్టి కులదైవమా, చాల| నేరిచి పెద్దలిచ్చిన నిధానమా| గారవించి దప్పిదీర్చు కాలమేఘమా, మాకు| చేరువ చిత్తములోని శ్రీనివాసుడా|| భావింప కైవసమైన పారిజాతమా, మమ్ము| చేవదేర గాచినట్టి చింతామణీ| కావించి కోరికలిచ్చే కామధేనువా, మమ్ము| తావై రక్షించేటి ధరణీధరా|| చెడనీక బ్రతికించే సిద్ధమంత్రమా, రోగా| లడచి రక్షించే దివ్యౌషధమా| బడిబాయక తిరిగే ప్రాణబం

Long Drive on the Ghat Roads From Mussoorie to Shimla

Day 4 of our Uttarakhand and Himachal Pradesh Tour On 26th April 2023 we checked out the hotel room in the morning and started a bit early. Our next destination was Shimla, the capital of Himachal Pradesh. The cab driver and the hotel guys in Mussoorie told us that we did a bad trip planner and such a long drive, almost 8 hours, from Mussoorie to Shimla is not at all advisable as it's a waste of our precious time. Moreover it's a bit costly and tidious as well. We couldn't anything than to blame ourselves for the wrong planner and started at around 9 a.m from Mussoorie. On the way we stopped at the same Mukhiya Dhada in Dehradun where we had food and kulhad chai during our onward road trip from Rishikesh to Mussoorie . This dhaba is quite neat and has a beautiful view the Shivalik mountains from the window. Once again the same breakfast aloo parantha and kulhad chai. By this time I was almost fed up with this same aloo parantha with achar (mixed veg pickle) and poha. We c

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