27 September 2012

Moral story - The fox and the grapes

Image Courtesy: Google Images 
Hi children, one more old moral story for your all about a fox which could not get its food. Yes, it is the story of sour grapes.

The story goes like this.

Once there was a hungry fox. "Oh! I'm feeling so hungry. Where can I find food?" said the fox to himself.

It went in search of food and came across a vineyard. There were bunches of grapes hanging down in the yard. The fox's mouth started watering on seeing the bunches of grapes. It jumped up to reach a bunch of grapes.

But, "Alas! I couldn't reach it", said the fox to himself.

The fox was very much disappointed. He went to another hanging bunch and tried to reach out.

"Oh no!, I couldn't reach this one too. This one is also too high" said the disappointed fox sadly to himself.

The hungry fox tried and tried and tried but it could not reach any of the bunch of grape.

At last, the fox gave up its trial of reaching the grapes.

"I am sure, these grapes must be too sour. So, god did not give these fruits to me to eat", thought the hungry fox.

Saying so he left the vineyard. This shows how positive the fox was in its thinking.

Moral of the story:  Develop a positive bent of mind and do not yearn for what you don't get.

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