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Spellbinding Rain Vortex at Jewel Changi Airport, Singapore

Singapore and Malaysia trip was in my bucket list since long. Finally this year we went on a week day family trip to these two countries. On 1st Mar 2024 my daughter had her last exam of the school annual exams and the same night we took Indigo non-stop flight to Singapore which departed from Hyderabad at 02.20 am (early hours of 2nd March). We booked 4 N at Singapore and 2 N at Malaysia through a travel agency in India for a stress-free holiday.

We planned for the trip three weeks in advance and two weeks before the trip we got our approved visas for Singapore. No visa requirement for Malaysia. Singapore tourist visas are just hard copies and not stamped in the passport unlike the visas of most of the countries. Normally Singapore tourist visas are easily approved within 4 to 5 working days. Once we got our approved visas, the travel agent shared us the trip itinerary and we started packing up for the trip. Our packing included visa debit card, emergency medical kit and other necessary items for the journey. Few of our friends suggested to carry umbrellas as there will be rainfall almost everyday in Singapore and Malaysia. These two countries are nearly 1 degree (latitude) north of equator and experience equatorial climate with year round humid weather. We took only one umbrella but regretted for not carrying two more when we were visiting the tourist attractions in Singapore. In my opinion, Indian tourists traveling to Singapore, carrying light weight raincoats is a much better option than carrying umbrellas. However there are only short spells of rains. So not to worry even if one doesn't carry raincoats or umbrellas as most of the attractions are covered except for the Wings of Time in Silosa Beach at Sentosa Island which we missed due to heavy rainfall.

We started at around 10 pm from our house and reached Hyderabad airport at around 11 pm. After checking in our baggage and completing immigration and security check up we went to the specified gate and had a nap as it was midnight. The Indigo flight departed at around 2.30 am. Though the seats were not comfortable and not upto international standards we adjusted as the journey time was around 4 and half hours. The flight landed very smoothly at Changi Airport Terminal 2 at around 10 am Singapore time.
We filled online and took the SG Arrival card which can be done only two days prior to the journey date. SG Arrival Card is mandatory for a smooth automated immigration process.
When we were making our trip planner my daughter read about Jewel Changi and she was very particular to visit Jewel at Changi Airport mainly the Rain Vortex. After taking our baggage we first refreshed ourselves and had a hot cup of coffee which was quite expensive in terms of INR. Before our trip, I too did some research about the Jewel and felt like visiting the attraction. There are baggage storage counters in the terminals but we need to pay for it. I didn't want to unnecessarily spend SG dollars. When we stepped into the Departure Hall of T 2 we were amazed on seeing the digital waterfall cascading down the lush green walls. This iconic digital wizardry is known as the Wonderfall.
Actually our pick up time from the airport was 11 am but as we wanted to visit Jewel Changi, we requested the cab driver to arrive at 12 noon. Cab drivers are very punctual and at the same time if the passengers arrive late they won't wait for them. After taking few pics and videos at this place we walked on the Link Bridge from T 2 to Jewel pulling our baggage all along.
After walking and walking and walking finally we could see the stunning architecture of the Jewel from the Link Bridge was awesome.
On entering the Jewel we were overwhelmed on seeing the HSBC Rain Vortex - world's tallest indoor rainfall. From 7 storeys at a height of 40 metres the water cascades down to the centre of the basement of the Jewel. We were spellbound at the engineering marvel and the man-made nature. The sunlight from the crystal glass dome passes through the spray of cascading water which is even more mesmerizing.
After a tiresome walking immediately after a flight journey, the sight of the beautiful engineered nature is a real feast to the eyes and worth a visit. It was already past 11 am when we were still at the Departure Hall of T 2 taking pics n videos of the Wonderfall. We had hardly 1 hour time to visit Rain Vortex at Jewel and again get back to Departure Hall to our pick up point sharp by 12 noon as the drivers here are too punctual. We were so mesmerized that we forgot time and kept taking pics and videos admiring the man-made beauty of nature.
Passengers who move from one terminal to the other in the shuttle can also enjoy the view of this beautiful Rain Vortex as it passes through the Jewel. In the above pic one can find the shuttle as well. Passergers who have ample time for connecting flights can spend time in the airport and enjoy many of the attractions like the Canopy Park, Forest Valley at Jewel and relax for a while at the Rain Vortex.

My daughter wanted to spend much time at this place but as our cab driver will pick us up sharp at 12 noon, we had to hurriedly walk back to T 2 on the Link Bridge and reach the Departure Hall. Exactly at 11.55 am I got a WhatsApp call from the driver who was waiting for us with a welcome flyer. One point to mention here, initially we thought of taking a sim card from India for international calls. But our travel agency told that there is free wifi in almost all the public places and tourist attractions in Singapore and people mostly make WhatsApp calls only. And the first thing we used to do on reaching the attraction was to connect to the free wifi so that we can receive or make WhatsApp call to the cab / coach driver.
I answered his call and told him that we are almost reaching the pick up point. We were at the pick up point by 11.55 a.m and showed him that Indians are also very punctual. Through out our stay in Singapore we were waiting 5 - 10 minutes early at the specified pick up points and did not give them a chance to call us. Anyways as we stepped out of the airport and walked towards the parking slot, the hot sultry weather reminded me of my hometown Visakhapatnam weather. From here we proceeded to the hotel where our room was booked. Its V Hotel in Lavender street, a 4 star hotel. We quickly finished the check-in procedure and got into our room in 10th floor. It is a small but comfortable room with 3 beds. We Indians are used to mug and water or jet spray instead of tissue papers in the washroom. Indians visiting Singapore as tourists will face this problem not only in the hotel rooms but in the washrooms in all the public places / attractions. This was quite disgusting particularly in the public places.
By the time we refreshed and came out for lunch it was around 2 pm. Being pure South Indian vegetarians we could hardly find a vegetarian restaurant nearby. There was Burger King and Mc Donalds but they had no veg stuff. With great difficult we could find a subway where veg subs are available. We are basical rice eaters and had to adjust with the available subs for lunch.

Well we then got back to our room and had a nice sleep. The pick up time for Day 1 of our itinerary to Night Safari at Mandai Wildlife Reserve was 5.30 pm and we were ready by 5.15 pm and waited in the hotel lobby.

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