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School Speech on 'Say NO to Corruption - Commit to the Nation

School speech on 'Say NO to Corruption - Commit to the Nation' useful for school students to speak in speech / elocution competitions

Namaste, I ______ (your name) of class ___ (your class and section) would like to share my views on ''Say NO to Corruption - Commit to the Nation'.

Corruption is the most dishonest and criminal act of an individual or an organization. Corruption hampers the development of the nation. Unfortunately, some people misuse their power and involve themselves in corruption for illegitimate personal gains. Finally citizens lose trust in the government whose officials are involved in corruption. And this leads to the economic degradation of the country.

Hence to build a corrupt-free, prosperous and developed nation we, as the future citizens of the country, should be committed to the nation and say a BIG NO TO CORRUPTION.

The foremost reason for corruption is too much greed for money. People are involved in corruption irresptive of their social and economic status. The more they earn, the more they crave to earn. Due to such never-ending greed few people completely forget ethical and moral values and get themselves involved in corrupt activities and illegal ways of earning.

The second reason is the direct or indirect encouragement by the public. For ex. we can clap our hands only when we join both the hands together. Similarly the public and the officials are equally responsible for increased corruption in the society. Few citizens lure and bribe the officials of various sections / departments to get their work done though they know the consequences of bribing an official.

Corruption not only hinders the economic growth and development of the nation but it also aggrevates poverty and inequality in the society.

At this juncture, I would like to say that we, as the future citizens of the nation, should strive for a corrupt-free nation. Education plays a vital role in building a corrupt-free and developed nation. Hence we should achieve 100 % literacy rate in near future. Literacy helps in bringing awareness among the people about the consequences of corruption and bribery. The self-centred people who are involved in bribery and the officials who accept bribes, both should be strictly punished or counselled so that they get awareness about the consequences of corruption.

Citizens must make the best use of their Fundamental and Constitutional Rights and raise their voices for justice. They must take part in awareness programmes / campaigns to prevent further degradation of the country. We know that unity is strength. So, if the officials and the public join hands together, are committed to nation and work together with a team spirit, then we are sure to re-build a corrupt-free, developed and strong nation.

Jai Hind! Thank you.


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