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Enjoyable Animal Show and Tram Ride at Singapore Mandai Night Safari

The Hyderabad-Singapore non-stop Indigo flight departed from Hyderabad (RGIA) airport at 2.20 am (early hours of 2nd Mar) and landed at Changi Airport, Singapore at 10 am (local time). After completing the automated immigration and collecting our baggage from Terminal 2 we walked on the Link Bridge to see the Rain Vortex at Jewel Changi. There are many attractions at Changi airport and Jewel Changi but due to time constraint we visited only the Rain Vortex. Our Day 1 (2nd Mar 2024) itinerary included Night Safari at Mandai Wildlife Reserve.

Our pick up time from V Hotel Lavender was 5.30 p.m and we were in the lobby by 5.15 pm. We wanted to show them that we (Indians) too are very punctual. Anyways we enjoyed the ride from the hotel to Mandai with full of greenery on either sides of the road. We reached the place at around 6.45 pm and the Safari will be open at 7.15 pm.
.Animal Show begins at 7.30 pm and visitors are allowed to enter 15 minutes before the show, so we went to the nearby gift shop for time pass. There was nothing special to shop at this place so we bought just a key chain and a pen for memory.

Mandai Wildlife Reserve includes Singapore Zoo, Night Safari, Bird Paradise (earlier known as Jurong Bird Park), River Wonders and Rainforest Wild. The reserve was founded in 2000 and thrives for the preservation of wildlife and its sustainability.
At 7.15 pm the visitors were allowed entry to the Amphitheatre. We occupied the mid row so that we can have a good view of the show. Within no time the theatre was full of spectators who were eagerly waiting for the show to begin. I spotted many Indians who were looking at one another with a smile. At 7.30 pm the show began with high decibels of sound. There was a preface of the show on a bigh LED screen and then slowly there was darkness all around with focus light on the centre stage. As the commentators were speaking about the show, there was a slow entry of a boar walking with halts.
Immediately Sri Maha Vishnu's Varaha Avataram and the popular Kantara song 'Varaha Roopam Daiva Va Ristham' struck to my mind. As the commentators continued to converse, Sri Maha Vishnu's vahana Garuda - the eagle gave a grand entry.
There was big applause from the audience as the eagle came flying from behind the audience and landed on the hand of the experienced trainer on stage. The show continued with the entry and exit of few noctornal animals one after the other.
There was big applause from the audience when few animals were doing feats with the instructions of the trainer. A fully grown owl was brought on stage by a trainer who showed the owl turning its head to 270 degrees.
Finally a porcupine was on stage doing some feats like taking selfie with the trainer's cam and so.
The show came to an end with the waving of hands by the trainers and a big applause from the audience.
. After the enjoyable Animal we rushed to the Tram Station for the ride and there was a very very long line. As it was weekend there were too many tourists. Our pick up time from Night Safari was scheduled at 9.30 p.m and it was already 8.15 pm when we stood in the line for tram ride. Luckily one tram after the other was getting filled up in no time and the line moved faster and faster.
By 8.30 pm we boarded the unmanned automated tram which slowly rolled on the rails and moved through the darkness halting at specific spots where we can watch the wilderness in the dark. What I observed is that there were very few that too ordinary animals like Asiatic lion, tusker elephants, deer, buffalo and other such wildlife to see in the Night Safari.
Somehow I felt that this tram ride of Night Safari is not worth and no regrets if one misses it. I really don't understand how and why this has become so popular tourist attraction. Anyways, after a 40 minute ride we were back to the tram station at around 9 pm and we had half an hour to reach the pick up point. We rushed to the nearby restaurant named Ulu Ulu restaurant which are heavily crowded with visitors. We rushed to the veg counter where we found veg thali with veg biryani, two veg curries, raita and papad. We immediately placed order and quickly finished our dinner.

Food was not up to our Indian standard but okay for Indian tourists where it is difficult to get Indian vegetarian food. Sharp by 9.30 pm we were at the pick up point where the driver was waiting for us. It was almost 10.30 pm by the time we reached our room. After refreshing we went to bed and had a sound sleep. Our Day 2 itinerary included Bird Paradise and River Wonders at Mandai Wildlife Reserve till 12.30 pm and then back to hotel. Again pick up from hotel at 2.45 pm and then visiting Sands Sky Park Observation Deck and Gardens by the Bay with entry to Cloud Forest, Flower Dome and Light Show at Supertree Grove. So stay connected to read about our visits to these attractions.


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