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Relaxing Amidst Nature at Company Garden in Mussoorie, Uttarakhand

Day 3 trip of our Uttarakhand and Himachal Pradesh tour started with our visit to Kempty Falls in Mussoorie. Our next tourist spot was Company Garden. On the way from Kempty Falls to Company Garden we could view the Kempty waterfalls from a long distance which I captured with my mobile cam.
. On the way we saw some tourists at a view point who were busy capturing the captivating beauty of nature in their cams. We too halted at this place and took few shots of the spectacular view of mountains and valleys with buildings on the mountain slopes.

Day 3 (25 April 2023) - Visit to Company Garden

We then made our way to Company Garden which is around 45 minutes drive from Kempty Falls. In almost all the tourist spots we had to walk long distances from the parking spot to the entry point.

We took the entry tickets at the gate and stepped in and were spellbound at the serene beauty of the garden which is colourful with greenery and tall trees all around. There was a kind of rustic beauty here which I liked the most. There is a beautiful colourful flower garden on either side of the walkway which lead to a beautiful fountain.
There were tourists walking inside the garden but it was not crowded like Kempty Falls. We walked slowly along the path admiring the beauty of each and every flower in the garden. Then we came to an awesome location which was attracting the tourists with its natural rustic beauty. It was a waterfall with a wooden bridge and wooden log used as a seat.
Most of the tourists got glued at this place and were taking pics, videos and selfies. I don't know whether this beautiful waterfall is a natural one or man-made. I thought it was a man-made waterfall. Now let's have a briefing on Company Garden.

Company Garden is close to the Mall Road in Mussoorie and a perfect place for relaxing amidst serene and lush green nature. The garden is surrounded by scenic mountains and is well maintained by the Municipal Corporation. The lush green surroundings with scenic beauty and serene atmosphere makes it the best place to relax. Besides the waterfalls, there are few places for the entertainment and adventure of tourists.
The main attraction include a a small pleasant looking lake with paddling boats, a wax museum with life size statues of great figures including Michael Jackson, Barack Obama, Mother Teresa and others. There are also few rides like Columbus, toy train and a Horror House for children to enjoy.

There is also a food court inside the premises which is okay for having food. On inquiring the locals we came to know that the Garden was laid by a doctor cum geologist during the colonial time in the early 20th century. Earlier it was known as Botanical Garden but now it is called the Company Garden or Bagh and Municipal Garden.
We relaxed at the waterfalls for a while admiring the delightful location and taking pics and videos as usual. The place is a real paradise for nature-lovers and for those who seek peace of mind.
After spending much time at this location we walked slowly out and went through a rustic looking walkway.
After walking for a while taking delight of the nature we reach the calm and cool place where there is a small pond surrounded with big trees. We could see some tourists enjoying the paddle boat in the lake which is a man-made one.
I am not an adventure-lover but am a nature-lover, so I spent lot of time at this delightful place enjoying the nature. At this place I saw many beautiful and skilfully woven nests of the weaver birds. The sight of these nests took me to my childhood days spent in Bhubaneswar the capital of Odisha. I recollected those unforgetable days of my childhood days when I used to wait for the weaver birds to come on the big trees in our backyard and watch them the way they used to weave their nests. It was really very interesting and I used to enjoy watching them. Unfortunately those were the days when there were no smartphones lest would have took videos and pics of those beautiful and unforgetable incidents.
These are the nests discarded by the birds after their babies grew older and flew off. I cherished those childhood memories when I used to watch the step by step weaving of the nests by these skilful weaver birds. From here we walked up to the Food Court which was inside the garden premises which was okay. We had light food and kulhad chai. There is beautiful garden with colourful spring flowers in front of the Food Court which was really delightful.
. After food we proceeded to the next tourist spot which is one of the best places I had ever visited.

Stay connected and read about our visit to the Peaceful Tibetan Monastery in Mussoorie.

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