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Our Visit to Kempty Falls in Mussoorie, Uttarakhand

Well to begin with we had a cozy night sleep in the comforts of our hotel room at Mussoorie. Early in the morning we were awakened by the chirping of birds in the serene atmosphere.

On opening the balcony door curtains, I was awed at the freshness of nature in the early hours. I lost myself for some time watching the beauty of nature. The place was too cool and serene with greenery all round. We refreshed ourselves, ordered for the same breakfast i.e., aloo parantha and bread and butter. We then started for our Day 3 trip which is local sight-seeing in Mussorie.

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Day 3 (25 April 2023) - Visit to Kempty Falls

Our first stop was at Kempty Falls which is located at around 15 Km from Mussoorie on the twisty turny ghat road and one of the most visited tourist spots near the city. We started at around 9 a.m and it took around one hour to reach the spot due to the bad conditions of the ghat road. On the way itself the driver showed us the waterfalls from a long distance. There were rows of shops on either sides of the road and this is the most common sight of almost all the tourist spots and pilgrim places in India. There are few shops at the entrance only where tourists can wear the local pahadi costume and take snaps as a memory.
We were slightly hesitant to wear those costumes as these are worn by various tourists and I doubt whether these clothes are washed regularly by the vendors or not. Anyways we walked down and down and reached the entrance where to and fro cable car tickets are sold to go down and reach the spot which is in a valley surrounded by mountains. We took the tickets and got into the cable car which moved down slowly.
We took few snaps of the surroundings as viewed from the cable car.

There are also steps to go down and reach the stop but we opted cable car as we had to visit the Company Garden and Tibetan Monestary the same day.
Finally we reached the spot after slowly rolling down. As it is in a valley surrounded by mountains the place was hot and a bit suffocating. I was a bit irritated with the unruly crowd at the place who are give a dash or push while walking without least bothering about the inconvenience caused to others. We saw heavy crowd in the pool of waters falling down and enjoying splash.
The water falling from a height of nearly 40 ft is cascading down into two streams before it falls into the pool in the valley.
When talked to the locals about the place I came to know that during the colonial period the British officials from Mussoorie used to visit place and they used to have tea parties at this camp place. Gradually the place came to be known by the name Camp Tea which eventually transformed to Kempty.

On seeing the crowd in the pool we didn't adventure for a splash.
Somehow I felt this place was not my cup of tea and I couldn't enjoy the place with poor maintenance. Frankly speaking I didn't like this place much and I felt the place got popularly just out of craze. The surroundings are unhygenic and unclean and the seems the locals and tourists as well need awareness in this regard. There is much of littering, dumping of solid wastes including plastic in the otherwise beautiful and serene place which turned into a congested place with heavy crowd of tourists. I am sorry to say that we didn't enjoy the place much and decided to visit the next place i.e. Company Garden. After few clicks near the waterfalls we took the return cable car and reached the top. From here again we have to climb few steps where there are rows of shops selling all local stuff. We stopped here for a while and bought few local items like the typical Himachal Pradesh caps worn by men and few souvenirs.

We didn't feel like having any food at this place due to unhygenic conditions except for kulhad chai as this is served in earthen cups. We then started in our cab to reach the next destination of our trip. Stay connected to read on our visit to Company Garden.

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