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How To Reuse Household Waste Into Home Decorative Items

If you are an art lover and have a natural inclination towards making hand made decorative items to enhance the beauty of your home, then you can recycle and reuse the household waste to create beautiful decorative pieces for an ethnic look.

It's a real fun and enjoyment making these items. By doing so, you would be encouraging the good practice of reducing the waste / garbage. You not only use these recycled decorative items for enhancing the beauty of your home but also you can convert it into a hobby and conduct exhibition-cum-sale of your handicrafts.

Recycle and reuse of the items would not only help in keeping the environment neat and clean and reduce the environmental pollution but also you can earn few bucks / money by selling your handicrafts.

Some of the recycled and reused items are:

Sunburst mirror with waste CDs

Decorative Diyas

Decorative wall hanging

Handmade decorative vases

Art and craft for kids

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