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Our Visit to Chamundeswari Temple in Mysuru, Karnataka

During our 5-day trip to Bengaluru in Dec, 2023, we were blessed to visit Sri Ranganatha Swamy temple in Srirangapatna which is one of the most important temple of Pancharanga Kshetrams. On Dec 17, 2023 after spending some time in the divine atmosphere we headed to Chamundi temple in Mysuru.

It was a Sunday and we didn't know that Chamundi temple will remain open for darshans due to heavy rush of devotees specially Ayyappas. By the time we reached Mysuru it was around 2 p.m and when searched on Google it showed that the temple will be closed by 2 p.m and will reopen at 3.30 p.m. So we had lunch in an ordinary roadside hotel which was heavily crowded. Somehow we managed to finish lunch and reached the temple by 3 p.m. We took the darshan tickets and rushed to the line thinking that we can finish darshan fast. But to our surprise there was heavy rush of devotees and on inquiring we came to know that the temple was not closed at 2 p.m but kept open to manage the heavy in flow of devotees. Aw! I was a bit disappointed as I wanted to have the darshan of Chamundi Devi without having lunch. Anyway, I convinced myself saying that may be that was Amma's wish.

My goodness there was tremendous push and pull by the rush from all sides which is quite common in most of the important temples in South India. Somehow we managed to have an aweful darshan of Chamundeswari Devi who was beautifully decorated with fresh seasonal flowers. Though it was for a fraction of a second that we had the darshan of Chamundi Devi, but still it's quite satisfactory and we felt very much blessed.

Chamundeswari Devi is atop Chamundi Hill in Mysuru. Chamundi is one of the forms of Durga Devi and is a fierce form of Sakthi. Chamundeswari Devi got the name after slaying the fierceful asuras Chanda and Munda. Chamundi Devi is the presiding deity of Mysuru and the tutelary deity of the Mysore Maharajas. It is a very powerful temple as it is one of the Ashtadasa (18) Maha Sakthi Peethas and is the 4th one in order. It is believed that Sati Devi's hair fell at this place and is known as Krouncha Peetham as the place was known as Krouncha Puri in olden days.

The temple is built in Dravidian style of architecture with an impressive 7-tier gopuram (tower) and an imposing Dwaram (entrance gate).
On entering inside there is Prakara, Antarala Mandapa and Navaranga Mandapa. At the centre is the Garbha griha with a Vimana atop. Inside the Garbha griha is the powerful captivating idol of Simha Vahini Chamundi Devi. We feel blessed when we have Her darshan even for a fraction of a section amidst the push and pull of the heavy rush. That's the power of Chamundi Devi.

Chamundi Hill stands majestically at a height of 3,489 feet above the sea level and is seen from every corner of the city. From the hill, tourists can have a view of some parts of Mysuru and the Maharaja Palace.
The temple is said to be more than 1000 years old. The shrine was built by the Hoysala rulers in the 12th century CE (Common Era) while the Gopuram was built by Vijayanagara rulers in the 17th century CE. Later it was developed into a astounding temple by the Mysuru Maharajas. Every year during Dasara, the utsava vigraham of Chamundi Devi is taken on a grand procession in a golden Howdah (seat) placed on heavily and beautifully decorated elephants.

After having the divine blessings of Chamundi Devi as always we did little shopping and I bought a small Chamundi idol for my Bommala Koluvu.

Our next stop was, of course, Mysore Maharaja Palace. We had to rush to the palace as it was already 4.30 p.m and tourists are allowed to stay inside only upto 6 p.m. Stay connected to read about our aweful experience inside Mysore Maharaja Palace.

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