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Festivals of India Quiz Questions and Answers in English

  1. Name the Hindu festival associated with kite-flying
    (a) Diwali
    (b) Makar Sankranti
    (c) Onam
    (d) Raksha Bandhan

  2. Which is the famous folk festival of Punjab?
    (a) Pongal
    (b) Bihu
    (c) Onam
    (d) Lohri
  3. Bhogi, the harvest festival, is celebrated in which state ofh India?
    (a) Andhra Pradesh
    (b) Nagaland
    (c) West Bengal
    (d) Rajasthan
  4. Hindus worship which god on Makar Sankranti day?
    (a) Brahma
    (b) Surya
    (c) Saraswati
    (d) Chandra
  5. Which god / goddess is worshipped on Basant Panchami day?
    (a) Balaji
    (b) Lakshmi
    (c) Saraswati
    (d) Jagannath
  6. Which of the following festivals is dedicated to Lord Shiva?
    (a) Janmashtarumi
    (b) Ratha Yatra
    (c) Mahasivaratri
    (d) Nag Panchami
  7. Which festival is celebrated on Phalgun Purnima day?
    (a) Buddha Purnima
    (b) Diwali
    (c) Guru Purnima
    (d) Holi
  8. The festival of Gangaur is celebrated in which state of India?
    (a) Rajasthan
    (b) Telangana
    (c) Kerala
    (d) Mizoram
  9. What is the New Year's day of Parsi's called
    (a) Yugaadi
    (b) Gudi Pudwa
    (c) Navroz
    (d) Poila Baisakh
  10. Ugaadi is the New Year's day celebrated by the people of which of the following states of India?
    (a) Madhya Pradesa)h
    (b) Andhra Pradesh
    (c) Uttar Pradesh
    (d) Himachal Pradesh
  11. Which god / goddess is worshipped on Sri Ramanavami day?
    (a) Sri Rama
    (b) Siva
    (c) Sri Krishna
    (d) Ganesha
  12. Which Islamic festival or Eid is also known as Bakrid in India?
    (a) Id-al-Fitr
    (b) Id-e-Milad
    (c) Id-al-Zuha
    (d) Muharram
  13. Which is the most important festival of Jains?
    (a) Guru Nanak Jayanti
    (b) Hanuman Jayanti
    (c) Gandhi Jayanti
    (d) Mahavir Jayanti
  14. Jesus Christ's resurrection from the dead is celebrated as which festival?
    (a) Christmas
    (b) Easter
    (c) Good Friday
    (d) Halloween
  15. Baisakhi is the popular harvest festival of which state of India?
    (a) Punjab
    (b) Bihar
    (c) Jharkhand
    (d) Telangana
  16. The people of Maharashtra celebrate which day as their New Year's day?
    (a) Onam
    (b) Yugaadi
    (c) Bohag Bihu
    (d) Gudi Pudwa
  17. The annual Kambala festival of Karnataka is associated with _____.
    (a) cock-fight
    (b) bull-fight
    (c) bull-race
    (d) elephant-race
  18. Which is the most important festival of Buddhists?
    (a) Mahavir Jayanti
    (b) Buddha Purnima
    (c) Janmashtami
    (d) Bathukamma
  19. Which harvest festival marks the New Year's day for the people of Assam?
    (a) Puthandu
    (b) Bohag Bihu
    (c) Gudi Pudwa
    (d) Vishu
  20. With which god / goddess the festival of Ratha Yatra is associated?
    (a) Surya Dev
    (b) Mukteswar
    (c) Jagannath
    (d) Lingaraj
  21. Bonalu is one of the state festivals of which state?
    (a) Telangana
    (b) Mizoram
    (c) Chhattisgarh
    (d) Nagaland
  22. Whose birthday is celebrated as Guru Purnima?
    (a) Valmiki
    (b) Veda Vyasa
    (c) Bhagirath
    (d) Vasishth
  23. Which festival is celebrated on Shravan Purnima day?
    (a) Guru Purb
    (b) Buddha Purnima
    (c) Maha Maaghi
    (d) Raksha Bandhan
  24. Boat races of Kerala are a special featurea of which festival?
    (a) Christmas
    (b) Id-ul-Fitr
    (c) Onam
    (d) Makar Sankranti
  25. Janmashtami is the birthday of which god / goddess?
    (a) Sri Krishna
    (b) Hanuman
    (c) Sheetala Devi
    (d) Lakshmi Devi
  26. Ganesh Chaturthi is celebrated in which Hindu month?
    (a) Sravan
    (b) Bhadrapad
    (c) Aswayuja
    (d) Maagh
  27. Dussehra Navaratri starts the next day after which of the following?
    (a) Karwa Chauth
    (b) Mahalaya
    (c) Kartika Purnima
    (d) Buddha Purnima
  28. Garba dance is associated with which Hindu festival?
    (a) Dussehra
    (b) Janmashtami
    (c) Onam
    (d) Bathukamma
  29. Bathukamma is a floral festival of which state of India?
    (a) Odisha
    (b) Karnataka
    (c) Telangana
    (d) Maharashtra

  30. Which state is famous for Durga Puja celebrations?
    (a) Bihar
    (b) West Bengal
    (c) Assam
    (d) Jharkhand
  31. Dhanteras is celebrated two days before which festival?
    (a) Sri Ramanavami
    (b) Dussehra
    (c) Deepavali
    (d) Sharad Purnima
  32. The famous hornbill festival is celebrated in which state?
    (a) Nagaland
    (b) Goa
    (c) Odisha
    (d) Rajasthan
  33. Which of the following is not associated with Christmas?
    (a) Carols
    (b) Candles
    (c) Lotus
    (d) Reindeer
  34. Losoong festival is celebrated in which state?
    (a) Sikkim
    (b) Bihar
    (c) Telangana
    (d) Jharkhand
  35. Sarhul is the New Year's day celebrated by the people of which state?
    (a) hMaharashtra
    (b) Jharkhand
    (c) Gujarat
    (d) Odisha
  36. Bali Jatra festival is celebrated in which of the following cities?
    (a) Mysore
    (b) Jagadalpur
    (c) Cuttack
    (d) Araku
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