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Who Am I ? Quiz on Animals for Kids

  1. I say 'OINK - OINK'. I am a ______.
    (a) Owl
    (b) Pig

  2. I have a long neck. I am a _____.
    (a) Giraffe
    (b) Camel

  3. I say 'MOO-MOO'. I am a ____.
    (a) Monkey
    (b) Cow

  4. I love bananas. I am a ____.
    (a) Monkey
    (b) Bear

  5. I say 'QUACK-QUACK'. I am a ___.
    (a) Cock
    (b) Duck

  6. I am the King of Jungle. I am the ___.
    (a) Tiger
    (b) Lion

  7. I live in very cold region. I am a ___.
    (a) Polar bear
    (b) Bear

  8. I have a long trunk. I am a / an______
    (a) Elephant
    (b) Tiger

  9. I am very cunning. I am a ____.
    (a) Dog
    (b) Fox

  10. I live in water. I look like a star. I am a / an____.
    (a) Starfish
    (b) Octopus

  11. The animal that trots.
    (a) Dog
    (b) Horse


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