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CBSE Class 2 EVS My Family Quiz Questions and Answers in English

  1. My mother's or father's mother is my _____.
    (a) grandmother
    (b) aunt

  2. My father's or mother's father is my ____.
    (a) grandfather
    (b) uncle

  3. My mother's or father's brother is my ____.
    (a) uncle
    (b) cousin

  4. My mother's or father's sister is my _____.
    (a) niece
    (b) aunt

  5. My uncle's or aunt's children are my ______.
    (a) cousins
    (b) friends

  6. My brother's or sister's son is my _____.
    (a) cousin
    (b) nephew

  7. My brother's or sister's daughter is my ______.
    (a) cousin
    (b) niece

  8. Father, mother, brother, sister together make a _____.
    (a) community
    (b) family

  9. We are _____ to our grandparents.
    (a) grandchildren
    (b) cousins

  10. A family in which grandparents, their children and grandchildren live together is called a ________.
    (a) joint family
    (b) society

  11. We learn _____ and ______ from our family.
    (a) love and sharing
    (b) hatred and selfishness

  12. Our _______ tell us good things and moral stories.
    (a) cousins
    (b) grandparents

  13. My ______ cooks food and takes care of the family members.
    (a) mother
    (b) cousin

  14. A small family with parents and one or two children is called a _____.
    (a) joint family
    (b) nuclear family

  15. I ____ my family.
    (a) hate
    (b) love
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