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A Memorable Day at Veldheer Tulip Field in Holland

It was almost 11 years back we had a delightful floral feast at Veldheer Tulip Field in Holland in the state of Michigan. But the memories are still fresh in my mind. It was during our stay in Chicago, IL, we drove all the way from Chicago to Holland in the month of May.

As it's summer / spring time in the mid-west region of the U.S, it's the best time for Indians in particular to go on family vacations / trips. In the mid-west region, spring is the most beautiful season as we can have the floral feast of the beautiful and colorful blooming tulips and lilies all around.

We started from Chicago at round 7 in the morning and had an enjoyable road trip. We reached Holland at around 10.30 a.m. "OMG! it was so chill in the month of May". That's what I felt the moment I stepped out of the car. My thoughts took me to Hyderabad and I wondered how hot it would be there in May and how chill it is here.

A week-days Tulip Festival was going on in Holland. So we first made our way to the festival and spent sometime moving around in the festive place. The weather was too pleasant to walk around and many beautiful hand made items were on sale.

A Glimpse of the Dutch Culture at the Tulip Festival

Holland is a cool and clean town located on the Eastern shore of Lake Michigan in Michigan state. It is visited by tourists in May to see the beauty of tulips. Tulip festival is held annually in Holland from May 1st to May 9th at specific places. We could see beautiful and colourful tulips in the streets of Holland as we drove through the streets. The weather was pleasant to have a stroll. So we moved around for sometime in the festival looking at the completely new Dutch culture.
The Tulip festival attracts a large crowd who spend the whole day in the festival, enjoy the typical Dutch culture with lots of Dutch attractions in the festival. Above all, the wonderful traditional Dutch Tap Dance with the rhythmic beat of the wooden shoes made by the dancers on the road, is a must-watch event. The festival and the dance are enjoyable and worth watching.
Tap Dance by the Dutch
There are number of rows of stalls in the festival where you can do lots of shopping to get the traditional Holland stuff. Most of these are hand-made items by the local people.
There were photo stand-ins with Dutch costume, at some places in the festival and visitors were taking clicks by placing face in the hole board. It was looking quite funny and we too had taken few clicks at the photo stand-in.

After spending much time at the Tulip festival, we proceed to a nearby restaurant for lunch. Unfortunately, there were no Indian restaurants (this was 10 years back, hope now Indian restaurants might have come up at this place). With great difficulty we could find a subway where we had veg subs for lunch.

We then proceeded to Veldheer Tulip field which is one of the best places I had ever visited. It's so beautiful and serene in a pleasant weather. So now let me take you on a virtual tour to Veldheer Tulip Field.

Enchanting Veldheer Tulip Field

Veldeer Tulip Field is located at 12755 in Quincy Street. The moment we stepped into the field, I was awestruck with the enchanting beauty of fully bloom tulips in the field. The vast stretch of fields with colorful rows of tulips and lilies took me into a beautiful world. The moment I saw the stretch of tulip field, I started murmuring the popular old Hindi classic melody 'Dekha ek khwab to ye silsile hue, door tak nigahon mein hai gul khile hue', pictured on Big B Amitabh Bachchanji and beautiful Rekha in the classic movie Silsila.

Being a Telugu woman, I also started murmuring the old hit song 'kotha kothaga unnadi, swargamikkade annadi, koti taarale poola yerulai nela cheraga...' pictured on Venkatesh and Tabu in Coolie No.1. It was really like crores (koti) of stars (taralu) have reached (cheraga) the land (nela).

Anyway bollywood / tollywood scenes apart, tourists / visitors are sure to forget the stressful life for sometime on entering into this beautiful and colourful world which gives a really feast to your eyes. The cool weather even in the month May, the beautiful colorful blooms literally take the spectators to a different world.
There is a water-wheel and a wind mill at the entrance of the farm and a wooden shoe factory inside. On entering inside the farm, viewers will be awestruck on seeing the beautiful and colorful stretch of tulips and lilies. The beauty of varieties of fully bloomed colorful tulips is a real treat to the eyes. The stretch of colorful bands of tulips in the field reminds one of the tulip farms of Amsterdam in Holland.
This is undoubtedly one of the best places to visit for Indians. One can see many Indians with their friends and family walking in the fields and taking clicks at different spots. A majority of Indians are sure like this place. Newly married couples will enjoy the most and will be literally lost in their own dream world at this beautiful place.

We had a wonderful day to remember and a memorable experience driving all the way to Holland from other places in the mid-west.


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