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CBSE Class 2 EVS Quiz Questions and Answers in English

  1. The part of a plant that absorbs water from the soil

  2. The part of plant that conducts water from roots to leaves

  3. The part of a plant that prepares food

  4. We get ___________ gas from green plants.

  5. Animals that are tamed by humans are called ________ animals.

  6. Animals that live in the forests are called

  7. Which traffic signal says 'WAIT'?

  8. Earth takes ________ days to go around the Sun.

  9. The first help given to an injured person is called

  10. Food gives us _________ to work and play.

  11. Silkworms eat _________ leaves.

  12. Koala bear eats only ___________ leaves.

  13. The home of hens is called

  14. __________ are kept in a stable

  15. Animals waste is used as


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