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School Speeches: School / college farewell party for out-going students

If you are a school / college leaving student and wish to present a touchy speech with a heavy heart in your school / college farewell party, then you would find this speech quite useful.

A school / college farewell party is an occasion which is a blend of sad as well as happy moments. The out-going students who will be appearing for their final year exams will experience mixed feelings of joy and sorrow. Your heart will be filled with heaviness as you will be leaving your beloved school / college forever which was a part of your life for a good number of years. You will feel sad for you will be missing all the colorful days of your school and the company of your good friends as each of one of you would be joining a different stream as per your choice.

At the same time, everything / the world suddenly seems to be colorful and attractive to you as you would be entering into a completely different world with new friends all around. The very thought of joining a college / career makes you excited which would be an overwhelming experience. You take home sweet as well as sad memories of your school / college farewell party. It is a party which is seldom missed by any of the out-going student in particular those who are appearing their 10th board as this would the first farewell party in their life.

So, if you are an out-going student who intend to bid goodbye to your school and speak out your in-depths feelings on this wonderful occasion, here is what you can speak for the party.

Sample speech for school / college farewell party

Good evening to our beloved principal, wonderful teachers and my dear friends.

Today, we have gathered here for saying 'goodbye' to our dear schoolmates and dear teachers. I feel great to express my views and share my experiences on this memorable occasion which is a blend of joyous and sad moments,

I still remember my first day (here you can mention the year / class) in the school. I was holding my mom's hands tightly with scary looks in my eyes. (You can mention this point, if you joined the primary class). Everything seemed new to me, new teachers, new classmates, new ayahs - a completely new and different world. My mind was full of doubts - Are the teachers here too strict? Do they shout and punish me for each and every small mistakes of mine? Can I make good friends here? Will my classmates / schoolmates, tease me and pull my legs? Can I adjust myself to this new ambiance?

Many such doubts cropped up in my mind and I was a bit hesitant to walk into the classroom when my mom took me to the classroom, introduced herself and me as well to the teacher who was in the class. I still remember the warmth in the teacher's face who welcomed me with a friendly smile.

I don't even know how the days rolled by and I gradually developed a strong attachment with the school, my friends, friendly and ever-helping teachers who tolerated all our mischievous acts. All our mischievous things, teasing, silly jokes on some of our teachers, stealing lunch boxes, fighting on petty issues and lot more such silly yet memorable acts are hidden deep in my heart and perhaps in the hearts of every out-going student present here. Though our hearts are heavy for departing our beloved school yet we take happy / cherished memories with us which will be treasured deep in our hearts. The memories are countless.

I take this opportunity to thank our beloved Principal who had been very strict yet guided us in a friendly manner. I extend my heartfelt and sincere thanks to each and every teacher who gave us great inspiration, motivation and above all good encouragement. I once again thank our teachers who provided the right direction to gain knowledge and shape our future. I know that ours is the naughtiest batch and many a times we got scoldings and had punishment from teachers and principal. But still we have great respect and love for you. There was warmth in your scoldings and you punished us only to put us in the right path.

Friends, lets say goodbye to our beloved gurus and the school. We are in the turning point of our life and we all will be moving in different paths. Friends, let's be in continuous touch with each other through FB and other social networking sites. Let's choose the right path / career in our life, become successful and responsive citizens and bring glory to our beloved school / nation.

Thank you all and wish you all good luck for the forthcoming board exams!

Have a wonderful time ahead!

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Finally my heartfelt thanks to my beloved school / schoolmates for organizing the farewell party which will be cherished for ever.

Adieu / Goodbye!

Useful tips for writing a speech

  • You should have a fair knowledge about the occasion on which you will be speaking.
  • Keep the audience in mind and try to give a brief speech than a lengthy one.
  • Decide whether you want to give a formal speech or would like to have a person / friendly touch in your speech.
  • Try to mention all the important points in brief.
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