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Simple and easy to make designer aarti thali / plate

Decorative Aarti Thali
If you are interested in doing hand made items and give importance to recycling and reusing, then you can do this simple and easy to make aarti plate which can be gifted to your friends and relatives and also can be used by you for any festive / social occasion.

I used a waste cardboard for making this decorative thali. Here is how you can do it.
  • Place a desired size thali on a card board, draw the outline and cut it into round shape.
  • Take a velvet paper of desired color, place the round shaped card board on the reverse side (white side) of the paper and draw the outline.
  • Cut the velvet paper into slightly bigger round.
  • Stick the velvet paper on the round cardboard using glue / fevicol.
  • Cut neatly the extra projecting velvet paper.
  • On this you can use decorative craft items like chips, mirror, kundans etc and stick these on the thali with glue, in designs / different shapes as per your taste and liking.
  • Take a designer earthen diya (lamp) and stick it with glue on the plate.
  • Take one or two small decorative bowls and stick these with glue on the plate.
  • You can place haldi (turmeric powder) and kumkum (vermilion) in these.
If you wish you can make it more attractive using big kundans of different shapes. This is ideal for gifting during any social function or religious function.


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