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Ramadasu Keertanalu - Lyrics And Meaning Of Paluke Bangaramayena Kodandapani

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Raagam : Ananda Bhairavi
Taalam : Aadi

Paluke bangaramayena Kodandapani - 2

paluke bangaramaye pilachina palukavemi - 2
kalalo nee nama smarana maruva chakkani tandri

Concise meaning - The agony of Bhakta Ramadas is reflected in this keertana. Sri Rama is referred as Kodandapani (the wielder of bow) in this song. Ramadasu questions Rama why He (Rama) is not answering to his (Ramadasu) prayers though he (Ramadas) did not forget to chant His (Rama) name in his (Ramadasu) dreams?

Yenta vedina gani suntaina daya raadu - 2
pantamu seyaga nenentati vaadanu tandri - 2

Concise meaning - Ramadasu says why Rama is not showing mercy on him in spite of his repeated requests. He (Ramadasu) mentions that he is an ordinary man and how can he show his stubbornness with god.

Iruvuga isukalona poralina udata bhakti - 2
karuninchi brochitivani nera nammitini tandri - 2

Concise meaning - Ramadasu says that how can he believe that Rama was merciful to the small creature / squirrel which showed its devotion by carrying sand particles on its body and thus helping in the construction of bridge (Ram Setu).

Saranagatatpara birudankudavu kava - 2
karuninchi Bhadrachala vara Ramadasa posha - 2

Concise meaning - And finally Ramadasu says to Rama that prove Himself as the merciful one by having mercy on him (Ramadasu) - His servant.

The concluding stanza of all the Ramadasu keertanas include his name.

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Lyrics in Telugu

ఆనంద భైరవి రాగం
ఆది తాళం

పలుకే బంగారమాయెనా కోందండ పాణి - 2

పలుకే బంగారమాయె పిలిచినా పలుకవేమి కలలో నీ నామ స్మరణ మరువ చక్కని తండ్రి

యెంత వేడినా గాని సుంతైనా దయ రాదు పంతము సేయగ నేనెంతటి వాడను తండ్రి

ఇరువుగ ఇసుకలోన పొరలిన ఉడతా భక్తి కరుణించి బ్రోచితివని నెర నమ్మితిని తండ్రి

శరణాగ తత్పర బిరుదంకుడవు కావ
కరుణించి భద్రాచల వార రామదాస పోష

పలుకే బంగారమాయెనా కోందండ పాణి - 2


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