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Home Tour Of A home With A Classic Touch And Ethnic Look

After a wonderful virtual home tour of Mini Khajuria's flat in an apartment in a gated community in Bengaluru, I have come up with yet another home tour. A home with a traditional / ethnic look which is completely designed by a home manager, who is a senior citizen, located in Bengaluru.

Normally, young home-makers are too enthusiastic in decorating their home and the middle aged home-makers too, are interested in home-decor but at times due to increased family responsibilities their interests are sidelined / suppressed as they don't think it as priority. As women grow older, they don't show much interest in home decor and are fully involved in taking care of the family.

But unlike many of the senior citizens, today I am going to introduce you to a senior citizen, had post-graduated and remained a home-maker or so to say a home manager for the past couple of decades. She has proved that age and family burden are not constraints for losing interesting in home decor.

Dear viewers let's go on a virtual home tour of Mrs. Vijay Kalia - a post graduated senior citizen and a home-maker who did not lose her interest in home decor even at 60+ . That's the spirit which is worth an applause. She is a real inspiration to the young and enthusiastic home-makers.

Here we go on a virtual tour to Mrs Vijay Kalia's home which has a classic look. You can see the well organized kitchen and a small yet beautifully arranged pooja mandir.
In the above pics you can see the passage area taken in different angles. The entire house has a wonderful maroon and brownish tinge which go well with elegant furniture.
She has intelligently decorated the top part of the shoe rack at the entrance which gives an ethnic / classic look. You can see the well placement of furniture in the living cum dining space with ample ventilation / lighting from the transparent glass of the french door. The sofa and center table are giving an elegant look.
In the above image you can see the uniquely designed TV unit. The two glittering small supports on either side of the TV with white stones placed at the base, gives it a different yet gorgeous look. That reflects her taste for home decor which is quite impressive. To your left in the above image, you can see the bedrooms - the rooms where one retires after the long hours of exhausting works and pressure. So these rooms should be pleasant without overdoing as one needs to have sound sleep to refresh and recharge the mind and body.
Another important thing worth mentioning is the placement of beautiful idol of Lord Ganesha with two illuminated glass holders. I can say that Mrs.Vijay Kalia is very particular about her selection of color combinations and she didn't compromise with it. I personally loved this part very much as it gives a divine look with a touch of modernity.
And here in the above images, just see how well she made the placements of wall decors / paintings and the corner decoration. There is a fine blend of tribal painting and classic painting on the walls. The entire home has an elegant look. I personally enjoyed this virtual home tour of Mrs Vijay Kalia and am amazed / awed when I came to know that she is a senior citizen. It's really surprising to see her as an active home-maker and an enthusiastic home decor even at 60+.

Images provided by Mrs.Vijay Kalia.


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