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An evening at Marina Beach in Chennai

Marina beach in Chennai, the capital of Tamil Nadu, is the longest beach in India and the second longest beach in the world. Chennai is one of the four major metros of India. It is located in the south east coast of Peninsular India. The climate here is hot and humid through out the year and experiences retreating monsoon in October-November.

Marina beach is situated at Kamaraj Salai Road and is at a distance of 3 Km from the city on the North Beach Road. The beach is mainly sandy and visitors have to walk long way to reach the sea.
The 12 Km stretch of beach extends from Fort St George in the north to in the south and is easily reachable.
During our Tamil Nadu trip in October 2018, had a 2-day stay in Chennai. Our Day 1 trip included a divinely visit to Kapaleeshwar temple in Mylapore and Parathasarathy temple in Triplicane.

On Day 2, we drove to Mahabalipuram early in the morning as we were told that heat is unbearable in this place after 10 in the morning. After having a heritage walk through the historic monuments we drove back to Chennai and reached Marina Beach at around 4.30 in the evening.
OMG! it was too hot and sultry at this place and we were completely drained off walked in the long sandy beach to reach the sea shore. On seeing the shells scatted in the sand the child in me awoke and I along with my 9 year old daughter enjoyed picking shells on the shore. Those childish acts took me to my memorable childhood days when we siblings used to visit the then Madras to spend our summer vacations every year in our maternal grandma's house at T.Nagar. In the evenings we used to go to Marina beach, build sand-castles, pick-up the shells and play with the dashing sea water. Those enjoyable childhood days were the best part of life.

The beach becomes full of activities during sunrise and sunset. A majority of local people walk along the beach. The long sandy ground along the beach give an appearance of a fair with full of mobile / temporary stalls where local handicrafts, sea-shell products, fancy jewelry, ethnic handmade showpieces and many more indigenous items at reasonable rates.

There are many attractions near the beach like the aquarium, Ice House and many more.
After spending some time at the beach enjoying the breeze, we proceeded to Ashtalakshmi temple in Besant Nagar, spent a pleasant evening in the divinely atmosphere and energized ourselves with positive vibes.


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