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Araku Valley - A beautiful Hill Station in Visakhapatnam district, Andhra Pradesh

On a family trip to Paderu we took the APSRTC bus from Vizag to Padeu and enjoyed the road trip on the ghat roads of the Eastern Ghats. During our stay at Paderu, we visited the beautiful Araku Valley and Borra Caves.

We booked a cab to Araku and Borra Caves. First we visited Borra Caves and then proceeded to Araku. It rained heavily when we were in Borra Caves and by the time we reached Araku, it was cool and pleasant in the month of May. We stopped at a roadside dhaba and relished some local veg food along with chai (tea).

Araku Valley is a small beautiful hill station located at a distance of around 115 Km from Visakhapatnam in Andhra Pradesh. This beautiful tribal hamlet is located in the Anantagiri Hills (also known as Onacadilli) in the Eastern Ghats.

After refreshments we made our way to Tribal Museum which is worth a visit. Here we had a close look at the tribal life. The museum depicts the local tribal culture and heritage with life size statues of the tribal people. We spent some time in the museum and proceeded towards the famous Padmapuram Botanical Gardens.

It was a cool and cloudy weather and the moment we entered into the garden we felt a feast to our eyes. Wow! so beautiful and colorful beds of roses. We felt as if these roses were welcoming the visitors.

Unfortunately, no cam in my hand, so couldn't capture the beauty of the roses. This is one of the major attractions in the garden. The other other is the tree top hanging cottages. Awe! so attractive and ethnic. The wooden cottages hanging on the tree tops really looked awesome and attracts large visitors.
Courtesy: Google Images
We moved around in the gardens for some time till it was getting dark. By the time it was dark, we were damn tired and got into the cab. The road to Paderu was too dark and we were so tired that we slept in the cab. On the way we woke up with a sudden brake and were surprised to see a fox crossing the road.

Back at Paderu we had a good night sleep. It was the last day of our stay and we all backpacked our stuff for the return journey. For the return journey we wanted to take the rail route as this is one of the most enjoyable rail routes. We took the Kirundal train at Araku station and were too excited to see the beauty of the mountains, valleys, deep ravines and gorges. The mountains were fully covered with dark clouds and within no time there was a heavy downpour. Oh God! it looked so beautiful, that was a real feast to the eyes. Suddenly the train slowly and steadily puffed into a tunnel and there was screams and shouts of passengers in the darkness. There were more than 50 tunnels in this route and it was one of the most enjoyable train journeys.
Courtesy: Google Images
There are many package tours available these days offered by private tours and by APTDC (Andhra Pradesh Tourism Development Corporation). You can easily book online accommodation at Haritha resorts owned by APTDC.

A trip to Araku valley is a real memorable one and tourists take home cherished moments. After a long tiring / hectic life in the busy busy world, tourists feel cool at Araku resorts, get refreshed and recharged of body, mind and soul. Besides enjoying the scenic beauty of the place, tourists get a chance to watch Dhimsa dance - the local tribal dance and also join steps with the tribal dancers in typical costume. Tribal women perform this dance and they wear sari in a typical way knotting the ends of the sari on one of the shoulders.
Dhimsa Dance
Courtesy: Google Images
The pleasant climate of this peaceful hill-station makes it a delightful place for the tourists. Aruku Valley is in fact a great place for the people from metros / urban areas to relax and recharge themselves.

From here you can visit Tyda Park and Jungle Bells which are other two main attractions. These are eco-tourist spots which offer bird watching, rock climbing and trekking. Tourists can have a thrilling experience of the real wilderness by camping over night in this place.

Chaaparai and Dumbriguda Waterfalls are the beautiful picnic spots near Araku and mostly enjoyed by the youth. Matsyagundam is another beautiful and serene place close to Araku and the place derived its name after an old Shiva temple named Matsyalingeswara Temple. This is a serene place with divinity.

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