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Travel - The Secret of Happiness

In the beginning, I was not much interested in travelling and was a bit hesitant to travel to far away places. I was living in my own comfort zone and had a feeling that I can't adjust myself in a different place. But later in my life, I had to travel to distant lands with an open-mind. And now I can proudly say that traveling to the distant lands, has completely changed my outlook. I learnt a lot by traveling to distant lands and now I could easily adapt myself in any new place.

Now I enjoy travelling and it gives me immense pleasure. I feel it is good to save those extra earnings in a separate bank account exclusively meant for travel. And spend the money on travelling as and when required. Travel gives you everlasting happiness and undoubtedly, it is the secret of happiness.

Spending hours moving around in the modern shopping malls, spending money on materialistic things like trendy dresses, smartphones, latest electronic equipment etc gives you short term happiness. And you get bored on using these for few days. But the more you travel to new places, the more you feel like exploring new places.

When you get a material gift from your near or dear ones, of course, you get delighted. But if you go on a vacation (with your family or friends or solo) to a beach or a zoo or even to a temple, it gives you happiness with cherished moments that lasts forever.
This world of ours is the most lovable place and I feel the world as one big family (Vasudaiva Kutumbam) and our small families are a part of Vasudaiva Kutumbam. I never thought of becoming a a world traveler. However I used to silently question myself, "can I ever go abroad? Can I ever fly in an airplane?" Besides peeping into the different lifestyles / cultures across the world, knowing about the languages they speak, the food they eat and making friends, I was interested in looking at beautiful Mother Nature by traveling across the world.

During childhood days when I used to travel with my parents, I had a strange feeling when the train / bus runs from one state to the other. I was feeling strange to see people speaking a different language and living a different lifestyle than mine. I was tightly holding my mom's hand and was scared when she happens to leave my hand. In a new place, I used to feel cozy and comfortable in my mother's lap.

And now after extensive travelling to distant lands, I enjoyed spending time in sight-seeing, looking at the old monuments where I can have a peep into the past and know more about our history.
I even enjoyed staring at the beauty of Mother Nature at different places. The longer I stared at her, the more beautiful she looked. It gives me more pleasure and joy.

After the travel experience of crossing the state borders in India, I got the opportunity of crossing the international border.

For the first time in my life I crossed the Indian border and entered Nepal. Though it was a thrilling experience, I didn't feel strange as I didn't find much of socio-cultural difference between India and Nepal.

Then I got the wonderful opportunity of flying high in the sky and experience the international flight for the first time. I felt as if I'm on top of the world. I was too excited and thrilled when I landed on Heathrew International Airport in London where I could see people of a completely different culture and lifestyle than ours. Fortunately, I am a well educated free thinking woman brought up in a traditional family with modern outlook. So, I didn't get a cultural shock.

And finally I got the opportunity to travel to the U.S.A;- a distant land where I had to stay for few years with my family. During my stay in the U.S, I visited many places and got to know a lot of things from the Americans. Initially many doubts cropped up in my mind but on spending some time in Chicago, then in Philadelphia my outlook changed. In fact, I started feeling at home in those places with many Indians in the community where I lived. In particular, I used to completely forget that I was in a foreign land when I used to visit Hindu temples in the U.S.

I am a nature-lover and enjoyed the beauty of nature in the U.S. I used to forget myself when I relaxed in the lap of Mother Nature. I get a kind of mixed feelings.
I feel as if I am relaxing in my mother's (presently residing in the heavenly abode) lap. I never feel bored spending hours in the lap of Mother Nature. I feel cozy, secured and comfortable in Her lap. It gives a soothing effect to your mind, body and soul. In fact, Mother's affection to her children is fathomless. No one else in the life can replace a mother. She has a special place in our hearts. So also nothing can make you happier than Mother Nature. I love nature and I say yes to this beautiful world of mine.

After those extensive foreign travels, I feel that travel makes you happier, smarter and broad-minded. I have learnt various things in the distant foreign land. I learnt to be patient and more understanding.

In fact, travel is one of the best teacher that teaches you:
  • To become a more responsible person as you no longer depend on your parents to do things for you.
  • To face the challenges with confidence particularly in international travels with transit halts when you need to run from one gate to another in a foreign land where you don't understand / know the language spoken in the country.
  • To be aware of your surroundings and try new things without hesitation.
  • To understand about yourself.
The world is full of beautiful things and you need to travel to new places to explore / enjoy the beautiful world which can give you everlasting happiness in life. Enjoy every moment of life in this beautiful world.

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