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The Famous Hyderabadi Bangles

Hyderabad, the capital of Telangana is famous for various things that include iconic Charminar, mouth-tempting Hyderabadi Dum Biryani, Film Nagar and of course a walk through the heavily crowded lanes of the most attractive Bangle Bazaar also known as the Laad Bazaar. It is a paradise for women who get themselves glued to the shops.

Those dazzling, colorful stone-studded lac bangles stacked in the rows of shops in this bazaar are real crowd pulling centres.

It's very tempting for the women folk who keep halting at a each and every shop. You can't resist your temptations on seeing those glittering bangles. You keep admiring the beautifully glittering bangles. Though the lanes are overcrowded, still there is some kind attraction and charm in these ever busy streets.

This famous ancient market place of Hyderabad is known by other names like Laad Bazaar / Chudi Bazaar. This is one of the favorite market places for Hyderabadi women who get glued to each shop they visit.

The word Laad means lacquer - the material that is used for making bangles which are studded with colorful semi-precious, ordinary stones, artificial diamonds, pearls etc. Laad Bazaar exists from the Nizam period. The market is not only famous for its dazzling bangles but there are rows of jewelry shops where you can get pure Hyderabadi pearls, artifact shops that sell Nirmal paintings, Kalamkari paintings etc, Bidri work products, traditional clothing like Khara dupattas, brocade etc.

Bangle Bazaar remains open from 10.30 in the morning and closes at 9.00 p.m from Monday through Saturday. Most of the shops are closed on Sundays while only few shops open on Sundays.

You can get the traditional type of stone studded lac bangles and designer bangles too. The price of these bangles depends on the make. You can get the simple traditional ones for minimum of Rs.100/- per pair. And the maximum price is nearly Rs.5000/- or above which are heavily studded with costly stones with finesse in its make.

The lacquer bangles studded with colorful vibrant stones are the rare varieties that you get in laad bazaar. There is no fixed price for these bangles and you can make a bit of bargaining here. This market place is easily reachable from any part of the city as it is in the lanes surrounding the iconic Charminar.

In Laad Bazaar, besides the glittering stone-studded lac bangles, you get fancy necklace sets for reasonable price.

The famous Hyderabadi bangles were recently in news due to the involvement of child labor in making of these bangles. Activities are trying out their to bring awareness among the customers on the same.

In spite of the alluring stone studded bangles, it would be good if the customers get to know of the exploitation of child labor involved in making these glitters

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