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The Fine Silver Filigree Work of Odisha

Silver filigree work by the Odisha artisans is one of the finest ancient art works that is in practice since 15th century C.E (Current Era). In this art silver, with 90% purity, is beaten and drawn into ultra fine wires. These fine silver wires / threads are used by the skillful hands of the artisans in making beautiful ethnic jewelry and decorative items.

This ancient skillful art form originated in Cuttack, a city in the Eastern part of Odisha. This work is also known as Tarakasi work. The Odissi Dancers wear silver filigree jewelry.

The hand work is so fine and delicate that you can't stop yourself admiring those works. The artisans make beautiful jewelry like earrings
and jhumikis (dangling),
decorative items
and showpieces
And many more like gods' idols, pooja materials etc.
Image Courtesy: All the images are taken from radhajewellers.

Where to Buy Silver Filigree work in Odisha

The ancient handicraft items of Odisha are available in Utkalika shops - the Odisha State Co-operative Handicrafts Corporation Ltd - across the state and in New Delhi. As these are govt owned / run emporiums, genuine products are sold here at reasonable rates.

However, these can be bought from other shops too. The state of Odisha is rich in ancient cultural heritage and art. The Puri Jagannath Temple and Puri Ratha Yatra are worth mentioning.

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