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CBSE Class 2 EVS: Living and Non-living Things Questions and Answers

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Living and non-living things

Questions with long answers

  1. What is environment?
    Ans. Environment means all the things like plants, animals, air, water, soil and hills that are around us. It includes all the living and non-living things around us.

  2. What are living things?
    Ans. Things like plants and animals that have life are called living things. Birds, mango tree, pigeon, cow etc are living things.

  3. What are non-living things?
    Ans. Things that do not have life are called non-living things. E.g. soil, rocks, air, water, hills etc.

  4. What can living things do?
    Ans. Living things can do the following:
    • They breathe
    • They move
    • The eat food and grow
    • Reproduce their own kind. Animals give birth to their young ones or lay eggs. Most of the new plants grow from seeds.
    • They feel.
    • And they age and die.

  5. What non-living things cannot do?
    Ans. Non living things do not breathe, eat and grow, move, feel, reproduce and they do not die because they have no life.

  6. What are natural things?
    Ans. Non-living things that are made by nature (or that occur in nature) are called natural things. E.g. water, air, rocks, stones, hills, mountains etc.

  7. What are man-made things?
    Ans. Non-living things that are made by man are called man-made things. E.g. smartphone, TV, car, bus, toy etc.

Short answer questions

  1. What do we call the things that have life?
    Ans. Living things.

  2. What are mountains, sand, water and air?
    Ans. Natural things.

  3. Name two things that all the living things can do?
    Ans. Eat and breathe.

  4. Name one thing that non-living things cannot do?
    Ans. Move.

  5. Name two man-made things?
    Ans. Book and pencil.

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