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Amazing aerial view of Greenland from flight

During our travel to the U.S in 2009, we took the Lufthansa Airlines flight from Hyderabad to Chicago, U.S.A with a transit halt in Frankfurt. During the flight, I was excited to hear an important announcement that said, "have an amazing view of icy Greenland from the passenger window" (though not exactly the same words).

The excited passengers captured the best views of Greenland from the flight window. You will be really wowed on seeing the wonderful view of icy Greenland. For a moment you feel whether these are the clouds but you will be amazed to see the snowy Greenland.

You will have a thrilling experience when you are so close to the Arctic Circle as Greenland lies between Arctic ocean and Atlantic ocean.

The beauty of the wonderful snowy captures is beyond description. You will find the beauty of Mother Nature is amazing and worth appreciation.

As an Indian that too South Indian I had strange mixed feelings when I flew across Greenland. Suddenly spiritual / philosophical thoughts cropped up in my mind. I just thought of Lord Hanuman flying over the Himalayas for getting Sanjeevani, I remember reading about our great yogis like Sri Ramakrishna Paramhamsa, Swami Vivekananda and others who experienced the cosmos through 'Turiya avastha' (yogic powers) and experienced cosmic bliss.

Don't miss this awesome aerial view of Greenland, if you happen to fly in this route.

Watch the video on the pics of amazing aerial view of Greenland from flight:

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