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Chhena Poda Pitha - a Unique and Famous Sweet of Odisha

Do you like cheese cake very much? In particular, the ones made by Cheese Cake Factory? I am sure, it is one of your favorite cakes. Have you heard / seen / eaten something very much similar to cheese cake, which is traditionally prepared by the people of Odisha?

Yes, it is chhena poda pitha, one of the most popular sweets of Odisha that is relished the most not only by Odiyas but by the tourists too

This is typically a dessert by made Indian cottage cheese. The Odiya words 'chhena' means cheese, 'poda' means roasted and 'pitha' means sweet. Chhena poda pitha is a sweet made by roasting Indian cottage cheese.

The sweet was a pleasant invention of a confectioner named Sudarshan Sahoo in a small town named Nayagarh. This delicious sweet has become very popular in Odisha. If you happen to visit Odisha, do remember to relish this famous sweet in any of the roadside confectionery shop.

If you are keen on cleanliness, you may have to get disappointed as such roadside traditional sweet vendors in Odisha do not maintain cleanliness and there is a typical odor / smell of burnt milk / tea in such dokans i.e shops. However, once you eat this sweet, you cannot stop yourself from appreciating the taste, particularly the top caramelized crispy layer.

You can get this relished sweet in Bhubaneswar, Cuttack, Pahala (a small village near Cuttack which is very famous for milk sweets like rasogollas etc.), Brahmapur (Berhampur), Sambalpur, Koraput, Rayagada etc.

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