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Memories Of Our Visit To Wisconsin Dells - The Water Park

This was one of my most cherished travel memories and I preserve my travel memories in my blog posts. In May 2010, we went on a short summer trip to Wisconsin Dells which is popular for its water / theme parks. It is located in the mid-west region of the U.S and is at a driving distance from many major cities.

About Wisconsin Dells

Wisconsin Dells is a cool and peaceful city in the state of Wisconsin. The city is naturally beautiful with gorges that are featured with sandstone formations and with the dells of the Wisconsin river.
The city derived its name from the dells of Wisconsin river. The city is one of the top summer tourist attractions in the U.S and is one of the best places for family vacation in summer. There are many water parks and other summer activities that include water sports, boat tours and lots of fun activities / water splashes and many more.

We had been to this wonderful water park in May 2010 for a day's stay. It was a 4 hours drive on the i-way from Chicago, IL to Wisconsin Dells. The route was quite enjoyable with streams on the way and the weather was also cool with clouds.
We had a nice pre-booked accommodation in one of the resorts where we had a comfortable overnight stay. We reached the hotel at noon, refreshed ourselves and had few clicks outdoors.
As told by the local guides, the city becomes active with tourists only during summer. We strolled around to see some of army ducks, old army copter perhaps used in World War - II
and I think the old unused U.S army tank on display. If I'm not mistaken, these were the ones used in World War-II.
After strolling for a while and enjoying the surroundings we headed towards Army Duck Tour which is one of the most popular attractions of Wisconsin Dells that provides wonderful sight-seeing.

Duck ride on Lower Dell and Lake Delton aboard in an Original World War - II era Army Ducks is really an enjoyable and wonderful experience unlike any other boat ride / cruise. Dell Duck tours are open from April 1st and you can get the tickets at counter at 1550, Wisconsin Dells Pkwy.
Army duck tours of Dells is one of the most thrilling experience which is equally enjoyable. The scenic beauty of the Dell river flowing between the stratified rock formations and lush green woods is a real feast to the eyes and is in fact indescribable.
After a thrilling army duck tour experience, we went for a classic 45 minutes Dell Boat tour. It started drizzling as we got into the boat. So we had an enjoyable tour on River Dell and River Delton, getting drenched in the rain through out - a wonderful experience in fact.
Dell River Boat Tours are open from March 11 to October 31. You can buy tickets at 107 Broadway, Wisconsin Dells.
Nature lovers are sure to enjoy the Army Duck tour and Dell boat tour. You can see the beauty of Mother Nature at her best at this place. The river flowing between the wonderful sandstone rock formations with lush green woods on either side.

After a wonderful enjoyable evening in the rains, I, as always, got attracted towards to gift shop and made few small purchases.
South Indians in particular need to compromise with the food at this place. You need to depend on locally available veg burgers, pizzas or subs. A trip to Wisconsin Dells is worth a visit. It's one of the best places to visit in spring and summer with family.

On Day 2 of our trip we planned to go to the amusement park / water and theme park.
Children will have a real enjoyment in the water and amusement parks. There are good number of theme parks / water parks at this place. Kalahari Theme Park, Noah's Ark Water Park, Chula Vista Resort Water Parks and Mt. Olympus Water and Theme Park are the most popular ones.

There is lot to do and enjoy at this place added with thrill rides.

Children are sure to get excited when they go on rides in the Go Karts, twisting roller coasters with all the loud screams and water splashes. You can stay for a day or two by booking rooms online in advance for a comfortable stay.

After full enjoyment at this place, we had refreshed ourselves and went for sight seeing.

This is a wonderful place for family vacation in summer. You can enjoy, have fun and take home the memorable recordings / snaps of your trip.

During our sight-seeing, we came across an interesting or so to say unique attraction added with fun which is worth mentioning. See the pic below which is quite interesting. You can see 'White House' toppled upside down. Isn't that look funny and interesting too? You will be awed at the architectural marvel and you can't stop yourself from taking few clicks here.
White House turned Upside down
Isn't that really awesome? We were amazed on seeing this architectural wonder. Though it was a short stay, we had a wonderful experience, with summer splash, relaxation, scenic tours and sight-seeing in one of the serene places in the U.S.

I am sure, Indians in the U.S will enjoy visiting this place.

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