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Experience Virtual Gaming at Area 51 at Prasadz Imax in Hyderabad

Hyderabad is one of the top tourist attractions with many tourists visiting the place round the year. Besides the top attractions of the city, Prasadz Imax is one of the must-see places in the city.

Here you can have the large screen experience in the imax threatre. There is loads of fun for children / teenagers and for adults too in the entertainment zone. You can have the thrill of experiencing virtual gaming at Area 51. As you enter the area, you find yourself lost in a different world with all kinds of virtual gaming.
Specially in the night time the entire area is lit with dim blue / green lighting. The floor too is illuminated with lighting effect.

Recently when I happen to visit this place, I just moved around the area, took few clicks and returned.

I am sure children will get attracted towards this virtual gaming centre this summer.

There are few rides where children can have fun and of course thrill too. And above all the thrill of enjoying virtual reality gaming here.
In the above and below pic, you can see the boys in closed glass room all alone boxing / shooting. In fact he is having the thrill of virtual reality game. On the TV screens seen at the top, you can see him boxing with a figure in the virtual world.

Area 51 in Prasadz Imax is open from 11 a.m and closes at around 10 p.m. Pricing is reasonable which is Rs.150/- for most of the virtual gaming. This is something which is not to be missed by the youngster. If you happen to visit Hyderabad, visit Area 51 in Prasadz Imax and have the thrill of experiencing virtual gaming.

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