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Vikramaditya Stories - Two Friends and a Girl

After slinging the corpse on his shoulder, King Vikramaditya walked to the fake mendicant through the dark woods. The king of ghosts called Betal who was possessed in the corpse spoke to Vikram who was walking silently. Betal asked Vikram to listen to the stories told by him and answer the questions at the end of the story.

He further said if Vikram do not answer the questions knowingly, then his head break into 1000 pieces. Thus Betal started telling the first story of 'Two Friends and a Girl'.

Once upon a time there lived two friends named Chandrasena and Suryamal. One fine day they travelled to the city of Pataliputra to worship Lord Shiva. On reaching the place, they had a holy dip in the temple tank and offered prayers to Lord Shiva in the temple. After worship the two friends sat in the temple to take rest.

As they were resting a beautiful lady entered inside the temple to worship Lord Shiva. Suryamal fell in love on seeing the girl and told his friend that he wanted to marry her. Both the friends inquired
about the whereabouts of the girl and her parents. They went to the girl's house, talked to her parents. Suryamal expressed his desire to marry her. The girl's parents were glad on hearing this and agreed to the marriage proposal on one condition. They requested Suryamal to allow her to continue her worship to Lord Shiva even after the marriage. Suryamal agreed for the condition and the next day he got married to the girl.

Few days after the marriage both the friends along with the newly wed bride went on their journey to their home. Unfortunately, on the way they were attacked by robbers who robbed all the valuables from them and beheaded both the friends.

The bride got panicky on seeing the terrible / brutal act and yelled in pain. She pulled out the sword to end her life when suddenly Lord Shiva who was pleased with her devotion appeared in front of her.

He gave her holy ash and asked her to place the heads of the two men in their proper places and then smear the ash. As the bride prostrated before Lord Shiva and looked up to thank Him, Lord Shiva disappeared.

The bride was so excited that she criss-crossed the heads of the two friends in a hurry. She joined the head of Suryamal with the body of Chandrasena and the body of Suryamal with the head of Chandrasena and smeared the holy ash.

And lo! both the friends came back to life. On seeing them, the bride realized her mistake and she got confused on whom to accept as her husband. Should she accept the man with Suryamal's head and Chandrasena body or the man with Chandrasena's head and Suryamal's body. Whom should she accept as her husband. She got utter confused on this matter.

"O! wise king Vikrama, tell me whom should the bride accept as her husband?" questioned Betal.

King Vikram broke his silence and replied, "Head is the most important part of the body which gives a person his identity. The brain inside the head is the master controller of the body. So, the girl should marry the man with Suryama's head".

"Hahaha! your silence is broken. I'm flying back to my place", saying so the corpse flew back to its place.

Vikram walked to the Peepul tree, pulled the corpse, slung on his shoulder and again walked silently.

Once again Betal called out the king and started telling the 2nd story. Stay tuned.

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