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Science Quiz Questions With Answers For CBSE Class 6-8

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  1. The method of rearing honey-bees is called

  2. What are Tuna and Cod?

  3. Name one food which is rich in Vitamin D?

  4. The rearing of birds like chicken, fowl and ducks for eggs and meat is referred as

  5. The shell of the egg is made up of

  6. Name the device that used to test the quality of milk.

  7. The common disease suffered by the milch animals (cows and buffaloes) is____.

  8. The removal of crop after maturity is called

  9. The crops that grown during June-October based on south-western monsoon are called

  10. The process of leaving the field uncultivated is called

  11. Name one disease that is caused by virus.

  12. Name the disease that is caused due to intestinal disorder.

  13. The full form of ORS is

  14. Which disease is also known as hydrophobia?

  15. Name the atmospheric layer that is closest to Earth's surface?

  16. The pressure exerted by a force of 1 Newton (N) acting over an area of 1 square metre is defined as

  17. What is Pascal?

  18. Which instrument is used to measure atmospheric pressure?

  19. Which layer of the atmosphere prevents harmful UV (ultra violet) radiation from reaching Earth?

  20. Oxygen can be prepared in the laboratory by heating ____.

  21. A substance that accelerates the rate of a chemical reaction without taking part in it is called a / an

  22. A chemical reaction in which oxygen is added to an element or a compound is called

  23. Which gas is present abundantly in the air?

  24. Which element / substance / compound is used to store living cells and important tissues?

  25. Soluble salts of nitric acid present in the soil are known as

  26. The root nodules of which plants have nitrogen-fixing bacteria?

  27. Chemical reaction in which there is gain of hydrogen is called

  28. The smallest particle of an element that displays the properties of that element is called a / an

  29. Things that have life are called

  30. Where are RBC (Red Blood Corpuscles) formed?

  31. What is the normal temperature of a healthy human body, in Celsius scale?

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