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Science Quiz for Primary Class: Part 1

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  1. Things that do not have life are called
    'Non-living things')

  2. Big and tall plants are called

  3. The thick woody stem of a tree is called

  4. Small plants with hard and woody stem are called

  5. The smoke from the vehicles cause ________ pollution.

  6. How many bones are there in our body?

  7. Which organ of our body helps us to think?

  8. Which organ helps us to find things by touching / feeling?

  9. Which organ in our body pumps blood to all parts of the body?

  10. Which part of the plant prepares food for the plant (in most of the plants)?

  11. Most of the plants grow from

  12. Which organ helps the fish to breathe?

  13. Plants breathe through ______ present on the under surface of their leaves

  14. What is the name of the star that appears in the northern sky at night?

  15. What are flesh-eating animals called?

  16. Which part of the plant carries food from the leaves to different parts of the plant?

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