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How to Light Up Your Home on Deepavali Day || Deepavali Date 2024

Deepavali Date 2024: Thursday October 31, 2024.

Deepavali is the festival of lights and it is customary to light up the homes on this festival day. The Hindu women are very fond of decorating their homes with rangolis i.e floral designs on floors, toran i.e door hangings, floral decoration and arranging lighted lamps i.e diyas on Deepavali day.

Decorating with flowers, rangolis and diyas depends on one's taste, liking and of course time and health. The way of decorating homes on Deepavali day differs from region to region. However, it is predominantly the decoration of oil lit lamps.

In the olden days oil lit lamps were used for decorating homes on Deepavali day which is gradually replaced with candles and electric lamps as these are easier to use and are stain-free. Decorating and lighting up of Pooja room is important for Hindus.

You can decorate and light up the pooja room as per your liking and taste.
Rangoli with lighted lamps at the main entrance is equally important. Decorating the rangolis with fresh flower petals and then arranging lighted designer diyas on the rangoli gives an ethnic look.
Mostly the traditional South Indian families arrange diyas at the main entrance gate and balconies. In particular oil lamps are placed near Tulasi kota i.e potted tulasi plant.
Decorating the rangolis in the balcony / balconies with fresh flower petals and placing lighted lamps on the rangolis gives a festive look.
For an ethnic / typical Indian look, traditional brass lamps can be placed on the rangolis.
Earthen diyas of different shapes, figures are available in the market these days. And these can be placed at the entrance door for an ethnic look.
The tradition of placing lighted diyas near Tulasi kota in South Indian states is is continued till the day of Ksheerabdi Dwadasi Pooja / Tulasi pooja day.
Due to cross cultural assimilation, these days there is a trend of decorating the entire house / every nook and corner of the house with fresh flower garlands and oil lit lamps or electric lamps.
Lighting up halls,
living rooms and
bedrooms too for a real Diwali festive spirit.
Using handmade decorative diyas on this festive occasions enhances the real beauty of the festival of lights.

Wishing You All Safe, Environment-friendly and Happy Deepavali 2024!

Let's all strive for an eco-friendly Deepavali.

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