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Harmful Effects of Fireworks on Diwali day on the Environment and the Society

Deepavali is one of the most popular Hindu festivals that is celebrated with much enthusiasm and festive spirit. The true meaning of Deepavali is the festival of lights. Unfortunately, these days the festival of Diwali has become synonymous with fireworks and bursting of crackers.

Manufacturing of fireworks in the small scale industries like Sivakasi generate much revenue and provide employment to many. On the other hand, bursting of fire crackers pollute the environment and is hazardous to the individuals of the society.

Let's list out the harmful effects of fireworks and bursting of crackers on the Deepavali day.

Harmful effects of fireworks

Due to excessive smoke produced by the fire crackers, the pollution levels in the air shoot up. High levels of pollutants cause various respiratory tract diseases and skin diseases in the humans, in particular it aggravates the problem of asthma patients and patient with chronic respiratory tract problems.

The intense / high decibels of sound produced by bursting of crackers is in fact deafening and causes noise pollution. The deafening sound causes headache, irritability, ear problems and sleep disturbance and other health problems. Such an intense sound is hazardous to patients particularly cardiac patients, senior citizens and children / infants. There are chances of rupture of ear drums in case the sound is beyond the audible limit.

The sufferings of patients, senior citizens and infants due to bursting of crackers on Diwali day is indescribable. They cannot tolerate the continuous sound produced at high decibels and they irritated. Their condition is really pathetic on this festival day. Unfortunately no one cares for them / their plight.

The un-burnt or incompletely / half burnt fireworks and crackers that are left out in the ground may seep inside and cause soil pollution. This might harm the living creatures dwelling in the soil. If the left over crackers / fireworks are improperly disposed and thrown in water bodies, it might result in water pollution. The harmful chemicals, thus, pose threat to the aquatic life too. On the whole, it results in environmental pollution and an imbalance in the ecosystem.

The crackers / fireworks that are carelessly burnt / handled by the people in the residential areas, causes fire accidents resulting in the damage of property. In case of severe fire accidents, it might result in the loss of lives.

Above all, Diwali celebration and bursting of crackers produces lot of trash with lots of pieces of papers scattered around, sticks, earthen pieces and many more. This trash is not disposed properly and makes the surroundings unclean / unhygienic.

The most pathetic one is the lives of small children who are engaged in making fireworks / crackers in the firework / cracker manufacturing factories. As per various news reports, the children under 14 are engaged in the fireworks factories at Sivakasi which is against human rights. Sivakasi is a small town in the Ramanathapuran district of Tamil Nadu which is well known for fireworks. In fact Sivakasi has become synonymous with fireworks. Around 90% of fireworks in India is manufactured in this town. A majority of these factories drive truck loads of children to work in these firework factories under harsh conditions. As per some reports, these children hardly earn Rs.30 a day and most of the children suffer from various skin and respiratory tract diseases.

As per news report, last year there was a major fire accident at one of the cracker manufacturing factories at Sivakasi and many lost their lives.

Keeping in view the pollution and the hazard to the society caused by the fire crackers on Deepavali day and the miserable living conditions of the labors engaged in the cracker manufacturing factories, it would be wise to go for an environment-friendly and traditional way of celebrating the festival of lights.
Let our fellow beings enjoy good health to retain the festive mood. Let's strive to celebrate a safe and eco-friendly and a real Happy Deepavali.

Safe, Environment-friendly and Happy Deepavali to All!

Date of Deepavali 2022 - October 24

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