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How to Plan and Organize a School Farewell Party?

9th and 11th std students in the schools in India take up the responsibility of hosting a farewell party for the outgoing students of classes 10th and 12th. The party is arranged to bid adieu i.e to say goodbye to the outgoing students. Usually, farewell party in schools is conducted in mid February when the outgoing students are busy preparing for their board exams. Farewell party gives a good entertainment and relaxation to the tensed minds of the outgoing students. Its the time when they can enjoy the last moments of their togetherness in the school.

Its a formal / official party where the outgoing students are honored and get back home with mixed feelings of joy, sorrow and excitement. The party is full of happy and sad moments too.

The students who host the farewell party for their seniors need to plan well ahead and organize the party in the most memorable way without any drawbacks / flaws. So, here is how to do it.

Plan for organizing a school farewell party

Planning is an important part for organizing an event successfully. Planning should be done well in advance for hosting the school farewell party for the outgoing students. The first step for organizing a farewell party is:
  1. Plan and work together / team work

    All the students who host the part should work together with a team spirit. Before you planning to host the farewell party speak to your class teachers for their green signal and assistance for conducting the event.
  2. Select a Venue

    Most of the schools conduct the party in the school ground / premises. In case, there is no enough space in your school, then you need to talk to your teachers and seek Principal's / HM's (Head Master or Head Mistress) permission for conducting in a different venue.
  3. Fix a date and Time

    Keeping in view the board exams, usually school farewell party is conducted in mid-February or latest by the 3rd week of Feb. Discuss / consult with your class teachers for fixing the convenient date and time for the party. Date and time for the party needs the approval of your Principal.
  4. Plan for Organizing Entertainment Events / Games

    This is the most attractive part of the event which is enjoyed the most by the guests i.e the outgoing students. So, plan well and organize some interesting and funny games too for the outgoing students. Let them enjoy the most and have a relief to their tensed minds. Conduct events like 'Ek (one) Minute', 'Funny / Comedy Skits', 'Miss / Mr Farewell' etc. Make it as unique as possible, so that your seniors i.e the outgoing batch will take home cherished moments with them.
  5. Plan for Organizing Food / Snacks

    Another important part of the party is serving food which mostly consists of snack items like samosa / singada, jalebi, khoya, motichur laddu, potato chips etc including a soft drink. Make a well planning for serving food items and the necessary stuff like paper plates, paper napkins etc.
  6. Plan to Organize a Farewell Gift / Memento

    This is yet another important part of the party which should be given to the outgoing students in memory of their school / school days. For giving away gifts, get the help of your teachers and if possible gift mementos with your school logo / emblem. Outgoing students treasure these.
  7. Plan for Stage Decoration

    Once you are done with your major planning, you can plan for the stage decoration. Try to have a theme for stage decor and plan accordingly. Based on your affordability, you can go for flex banners as stage backdrop. The other minor things like colorful balloon, ribbons, other ethnic items like bells / chimes / hanging lamps / diyas etc to give a combined Indian ethnic and modern look to the stage. Stage decor depends on the available space in your lobby / assembly ground.
  8. Planning a Budget

    When you are done with your 'To Do List', you must have a rough estimation of the expenditure and accordingly plan your budget. If everything comes within your budget (pooled up money), then its fine. Total amount collected depends on the total strength of each section of the class. Based on the affordability of the students, leaders of each section / class can collect the amount. Otherwise, you need to discuss with your teachers / Principal and find out if you can get financial assistance from the school. Lest you can cut short some of the unimportant or 'not so necessary' things like having a flex banner which is a bit costly affair.
  9. Plan to Organize Farewell Day Speech/es

    A farewell party would be complete without a couple of speeches / sharing experiencing by the outgoing students. So take a list of the names of few outgoing students who are good orators / who wish to share their experience. Invite them to give a farewell day speech. Inform them few days before the farewell day so that they can prepare for the speech.
  10. Plan to send Invitation

    Once you are all set to host the party, you can take the list of names of outgoing students from the teachers and send invitation cards to them. Though you send invitation through group SMS or group e-mail or through Whatsapp group, the traditional way of sending printed invitation cards will have a personal touch and will be more effective. However, it depends on your liking or the liking of the outgoing students.
That's it. You are all set to host the party. And once the party begins on the farewell day, sit back, relax and enjoy the party with the outgoing students.


  1. Wonderfully written article , indeed very useful for school children and authorities in planning a farewell, my appreciations to the author.

  2. Thank you Ram Prasad gaaru for those encouraging words. Will be coming up with many more useful information for the school students.

  3. Thank you it's very useful for me to organize our school farewell party
    Super 👌👌


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