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Simple And Easy To Make Decorative Diyas For Diwali || Deepavali Date 2024

Deepavali Date 2024: Thursday October 31, 2024.

It's Diwali time and people are busy preparing for the festival in their own way. For those who are interested in art work and looking for creative ideas for recycling household waste, its time to upcycle the old diyas to give a new and ethnic look. Here is how you can upcycle your old diyas to give a new look, this Diwali.
This is an old diya which I used last year. I thought of giving a new look to it without any extra purchase but using the materials available at home. So, just added colors to it and gave a shining look by sticking few glowing chips. And here is the upcycled decorative diya, ready for use this Diwali.
So, also, I used this wide mouthed earthen diya known as 'paalika' in Telugu. Palika is used in traditional Telugu Brahmin marriage by the bride's family. After marriage, the bride's mother gives these 'palikalu' to married women in her close circle. Here is one such 'palika' before upcycling:
And this is how, I gave a new look to it.
The smaller earthen diyas which were used in last year Diwali are upcycled to give a new look.

Also made few decorative diya stands with the already available material at home for a new look.


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