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Protect your skin and hair from synthetic colors during Holi festival

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Holi - the Hindu festival of colors is round the corner and people of all age groups play and enjoy this festival with high spirits. People who enjoy this festival have their own plans for celebrating the festival in the most enthusiastic way to extract maximum enjoyment on this special day of colors.

During the ancient times, people used to use natural colors during the festival which was harmless to the individual and to the environment as well. But in the recent past people are much used to the use of synthetic colors which contain chemicals that are harmful both to the individual and the environment.

The chemicals present in the synthetic colors that are used for playing Holi pose a threat to the environment and also harms the skin and eyes of the people who are involved in the play. Though there are many awareness campaigns being encouraging the use of natural colors, yet not many are using these natural colors. A majority of the population is used to use synthetic colors.

So, you can't stop yourself from playing and enjoying the festival in the fear of damaging your skin or eyes. You can't say 'no' to your friends when they come to you with synthetic colors. In such a case, play and enjoy Holi. Follow some of the important safety tips before and after playing with the colors and protect your skin, eyes and hair from the harmful effects of the synthetic colors.

Tips to protect your skin from the harmful effects of synthetic colors in Holi

Before you start playing, apply any of the oils / herbal oils all over your body particularly on your face, hands and palms. You can use almond oil which is effective for protecting the skin. You can even use pure coconut oil, jasmine oil, rosemary oil and other such oils with a natural base. Though you wear long sleeves kurti / shirt and full pant / pajama, yet it is safer to apply oil all over the body.

It is not necessary to oil the hair as you can immediately ward off colors from the dry hair. While colors stick on oily hair. Try to keep the hair open or plaited instead of knotting it as the colors easily get accumulated in the knotted hair while you can easily ward off colors from the opened hair.

Also apply any sunscreen / organic moisturizer in particular on your face, hands and legs to protect your skin from the harmful rays of Sun. Do not expose yourself much to the sunlight but try to stay under shade while playing with colors. The harmful chemicals get absorbed by the skin when you are exposed to the sunlight, thus causing harm to your skin.

And once your playing with colors is over, you get back to home and immediately wash and clean up yourself with running water to remove the colors from the skin. Do not let the colors to dry up on your skin as the dried colors cling fast on your skin and could result in the clogging of pores, thus causing harm to your skin.

For cleaning your facial skin, hands and legs, you can use any of the natural cleansers like gram flour paste, sandalwood paste, yogurt without cream or even aloe vera extract if you have an aloe plant at home. Or you can use any of the organic / herbal face wash or scrub for the purpose and cleanse your skin when the colors are still wet.

Most importantly, you need to protect your eyes from the synthetic colors. Try to be cautious all the while playing with the colors. As an extra precautionary step, keep any of the prescribed eye drops ready at home / handy, so that you can use it immediately in case of emergency.

For cleaning your hair, you can use mild organic / herbal shampoo for the purpose. You can even use natural products like shikakai powder / paste, rita powder or even hibiscus paste for rinsing your hair. This would not only ward off the colors from your hair but will also get back the natural glow of your hair.

In this way, if you are a little bit careful while playing with the colors and take necessary precautionary steps, you can protect your skin and hair from the synthetic colors and enjoy a happier and safer Holi festival.


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