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Lyrics And Meaning Devadevam Bhaje

Devadevam bhaje is one of the best compositions of Sri Tallapaka Annamayya which is sung in Hindola Raagam and Dhanyasi Raagam as well.

Arohana (ascending notes):Sa Ga2 Ma1 Da1 Ni2 Sa
Avarohana (descending notes): Sa Ni2 Da1 Ma1 Ga2 Sa

Arohana: Sa Ga2 Ma1 Pa Ni2 Sa
Avarohana: Sa Ni2 Da1 Pa Ma1 Ga2 Ri1 Sa

Devadevam bhaje Divya prabhaavam
Raavanaasura vairi Rana pungavam Ramam

Meaning: Praise the glory of Lord who is radiant and the enemy of the demon King Ravana

Raajavara Sekharam Ravikula Sudhakaram
Aajanubahu Neelabhrakayam
Rajari kodanda Raja deeksha gurum
Raajeevalochanam Ramachandram
Meaning: The above stanza is in praise of Lord Rama - one of the incarnations of Lord Vishnu. He, who is the moon of the Sun dynasty (Surya Vamsam), is the most eminent king. He is blue complexioned with lotus shaped eyes and is very handsome with a perfect body. He wields the bow of Lord Parasurama who is the enemy of Kshatriyas.

Neela jeemoota sannibha sareeram ghrana
visala vaksham vimala jalaja naabham
Talahi naagaharam Dharma sansthapanam
Bhoo lalanaadhipam bhogi sayanam

Meaning: He is unblemished and has a lotus-like navel. He has Garuda - the Divine eagle who is the destroyer of serpents - as his vehicle.

Pankajasana vinuta parama Narayanam
Sankararjita janaka chaapa dalanam
Lanka vishoshanam laalita vibheeshanam
Venkatesam saadhu vibudha vinutam

Meaning: He, who is adored by Brahma who is seated on Lotus, is the supreme Narayana. He, who lifted the invincible bow of King Janaka that was obtained from Lord Shiva, has conquered Lanka and comforted Vibhishana (the younger brother of King Ravana). He is Lord Venkatesa who is worshiped by the sages and the learned ones.

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