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Ratnalayam Temple - Hyderabad

If you intend to stay yourself away from maddening crowd of the city and spend your holiday in a serene atmosphere where there is much of greenery and where you can spend some time peacefully meditating and concentrating on the Lord, then Ratnalayam temple at Shamirpet in Hyderabad is one of the best places to visit.

Sri Venkateswara Swamy is the main deity of the temple which very much resembles Lord Venkateswara of Tirumala. While going up the stairs at the entrance, on the left you can have the darshan of Sri Ganesha and then you can enter the main temple premises. You can perform Archana to the Lord which costs around Rs.10/- per ticket. Pooja material like coconuts, flowers etc can be purchased from the private vendors at the entrance. The other deities that you see within the temple premises are of Goddess Padmavati and Goddess Andal situated on either side of the main deity, Vasavi Kanyaka Parameswari and Lord Hanuman on the way while you go down the stairs.

In the spacious main hall of the temple you can spend some time in peace and recite Vishnu Sahasranamam, Govinda Namalu, if you wish and thus concentrate your mind on the Lord which would make you forget all the tensions and problems of your day to day life. Thus after recharging you mind and body, you can refresh yourself by spending some time in the lush green surroundings of the temple where you can have few shots in front of the Shankhu, Chakra and Namalu that are structured in the form of a fountain giving a celestial look with the temple backdrop. You can also see a beautiful structure of Sri Maha Vishnu resting with Lakshmi Devi on His Divine mattress - Adi Seshu. In addition to this beautiful structure which enhances the beauty of the location, you can also see another beautiful structure of Lord Krishna dancing on Kalindi - the multi-hooded venomous snake's head in a pool of water in a lotus petal shaped tank.
There is also a play area for the children where they can enjoy slides, swings and other such play things. There is only one cafeteria inside but it is not worth visiting as at times you might not get fresh stock. You can purchase Swamivari Prasadam - Laddu and Vada at the counter for Rs.10/- each. The facilities available in the temple are - a Yagashala for performing religious Yagams, Kalyana Katta for tonsuring and a Pravachanam Hall for various religious discourses.

The temple is located in a peaceful atmosphere and is at a distance of 30 Km from Hyderabad main city and 2 Km from Shamirpet Lake. You have to proceed to Bolarum Rd from Alwal flyover and then proceed to outer ring road. After around 7 Km drive on the ring road, you can see the temple arc on your right where you can take a right turn.

Temple timings
Mornings 5.30 a.m to 12 noon and evenings 4 p.m to 8 p.m.
Saturdays, Sundays, festival days and holiday - mornings 5.30 a.m to 1 p.m and evenings 4 p.m to 9 p.m

While on your way back to the city, you can enjoy freshly roasted corn cobs by the local vendors seated under tree shades on the road sides. You can also purchase fresh seasonal fruits which include ripe tasty sweet papaya, guava, pomegranate etc.

Daily poojas / sevas
5.30 a.m - Suprabhata seva
6 a.m - Tomala Seva. Nakshatra Harati and Aradhana
7 a.m - Sahasranama Archana
7.30 a.m - Aragimpu (Naivedyam), Tirtha Prasada Gosthi and Archana
11.30 a.m - Madhyana Aradhana, Aragimpu and Tirtha Prasada Gosthi
4 p.m - Arachana
7.30 p.m - Aradhana, Aragimpu and Tirtha Prasada Gosthi
7.45 p.m - Pavalimpa Seva

Arjitha Sevas
Archana - Rs.20/-
Kumkumarchana - Rs.21/-
Aakupooja - Rs.21/-
Tomala Seva - Rs.51/-
Sahasranama Archana - Rs.51/-
Pavalimpu Seva - Rs.51/-
Suprabhata Seva - Rs.51/-
Gopuja - Rs.51/-
Abhishekam to Utsava Moorties - Rs.116/-
Aksharabhyasam - Rs.151/-
Namakaranam - Rs.151/-
Annaprasana - Rs.151/-
Abhishekam - Rs.301/-
Kalyanam - Rs.301/-
Sri Satyanarayana Vratam - Rs.301/-
Prasada Viniyogam - Rs.251/-

Vahana Pooja for two wheeler - Rs. 51/- and for four wheeler - Rs.101/-.

About the temple

The place where the temple is constructed was originally a farmland. The temple is constructed by an industrialist named T.R.Venkatesh who started it as a small temple for his family which later on transformed into one of the beautiful temples of Lord Venkateswara located in the outskirts of Hyderabad.

Many important festivals like Brahmotsavam during the Dasara Navaratri are celebrated in the temple in addition to the monthly ceremonials like Abhishekam and Kalyanam (the divine wedding) of Lord Venkateswara on Sravana Nakshatram, Abhishekam of Lord Ganesha on Suddha Chaviti day and abhishekam to Lord Hanuman on Purva Bhadra Nakshatram and Satyanarayana Swamy Vratam on Purnima days.

A weekend getaway to this divine location with family is worth a visit as it would be refreshing and recharging. You can enjoy a drive to this location which gives you a countryside feeling with local vendors seated under the trees and selling fresh fruits and vegetables.

Ratnalayam Sri Venkateswara Swamy Temple
Aliabad 'X' roads, Shamirpet
R.R. Dist.
Contact # 08418-201484; 9908481089

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