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Moral Story - The Crow Who Pretended

Children, here is one more funny yet interesting moral story for you. This is the story about a foolish crow who pretended himself to be a peacock and thus was left alone.

The story goes like this:

Once a crow saw a beautiful peacock and thought to himself, "O! how beautiful the peacock looks! How bright, colorful and attractive are his tail feathers!".

He looked at his own dark feathers and felt sad. "I'll make myself look as pretty as the beautiful peacock", said the crow to himself.

He kept thinking, "What to do, if I have to look myself like the peacock?"

Suddenly an idea struck to his mind on seeing the peacock feathers that were dropped on the ground. "I'll stuck these peacock feathers on my back and make myself look like the beautiful peacock" thought the crow.

So he collected many peacock feathers and stuck these to his back. He started feeling himself as pretty as the beautiful peacock and went to the peacocks to make friends with them.

The peacocks took one look at this funny looking crow and said, "Look, how funny that bird looks! Does the foolish bird really thinks that he will look like us by the feathers on his back?" Saying so, the peacocks walked out of the place without even talking to the foolish crow.

The crow felt very sad and depressed when the peacocks did not make friendship with him. So, the dejected crow then went to the crows who had been his friends since long.

Now, the crows who had always been his friends gave a surprising look and talked to themselves, "Hey! look at our friend crow. Isn't he looks so funny with the peacock feathers on his back? Saying so, the crow did not want to continue to be his friends. The crows flew away without even saying 'hello' to this foolish crow.

The crow felt like crying for loosing his childhood friends and felt much depressed. Now, the crow came to know how foolish he had been and he learnt a lesson that he should be happy and contented with his looks and never try to imitate others.

When the crow understood the fact, he called out to his friends, "Dear friends, please forgive me for being so foolish. I am happy to be a crow and never will try to pretend to look like others. Please be my friends again."

Listening to these words of the foolish crow who learnt a lesson, his friends felt happy, came back to him and made friends with him. Now the crow was very happy to get back his friends. All the crow friends lived happily with contentment.

Dear children, isn't that really a good moral story.  We should learn to be happy, satisfied and contented with what we are and it is not good to imitate others or pretend to look like others. Each one of us is beautiful. Some are beautiful to look at, while others have a beautiful nature and few others have a beautiful voice.


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