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Moral story - The Clever Cap Seller

Hi kids! We have come up with another old moral story for you all. Yes, it is the story of a poor cap seller who acted cleverly during the difficult time and thus could come out of the difficult situation. From this story, you can learn how to act clever to overcome the difficult time in life. The story goes like this:
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One day a poor cap seller went to a nearby village for selling his caps. He sold few of his caps in the village and walked to another nearby village for selling the rest of his caps. The cap seller walked long distance and as it was afternoon, he was too tired. So he sat under the shade of a tree and slept keeping his bundle of caps beside him.

There was a troupe of monkeys on the tree. While the cap seller was sleeping, the monkeys climbed down the tree and opened his bundle of caps. They were so fascinated with the colorful caps that each monkey snatched one cap and wore it on its head. The monkeys climbed up the tree, sat on the branches on the tree with the caps on their heads and started playing, swinging and doing all the mischief as monkeys usually do.

After a while the cap seller woke up with the chattering sound of the monkeys.

"Oh! No. What's this? Where are my caps?" the cap seller was taken aback to see his empty bundle.

He was much annoyed to see the monkeys with the caps on their heads.

"Oh God!" he said to himself. "How to get back the caps from the monkeys? How can I earn money and feed my poor family? God! please get a solution for me to get back the caps from the monkeys".

He started thinking on how to come out of this difficult situation. As he was a poor man, he need to get back his caps and earn money by selling the caps. He cannot walk out with the empty bundle. He was determined to get back his caps from the monkeys. But the monkeys as per their nature grinned at the cap seller, shook their fists and made different feats on the branches.

The poor cap seller made hand gestures at the monkeys requesting them to give his caps. But the monkeys kept imitating his gestures. Suddenly he got a clever idea. He took his own cap from his head and threw it on the ground. Looking at this gesture of the cap seller, the monkeys too imitated him and threw away their caps on the ground.

The cap seller felt great relief, smiled to himself and silently picked up all his caps from the ground. He tied up the caps into his bundle again and walked out of the place happily.

So, children what is the moral of the story?

Moral: We should try to find out a way to come out of difficult situations in our life.


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