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Panchatantra Story - The Hunter And The Doves

Hi children! We shall read yet another interesting Panchatantra Story from which you can learn the lesson of how to think the right way during difficult times of life and come out of adverse situations. Here goes the story of the hunter and the doves.

Children, I am sure you all know what a dove is. It is a bird of the pigeon family and these birds are usually timid and gets scared for the slightest sound. This story tells you how such timid birds could face the difficult situation of their life and come out of it. Generally the doves fly in groups (flocks) and these always remain in groups only. One fine day, a flock of doves lead by the lead was flying in search of their food.
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"Oh! god, I'm damn tired flying such a long distance. Do we find any food today to feed ourselves and our little ones?" cried out one tired dove.

"We too are too tired and could not fly any more", yelled the other doves.

"Hey guys! what's wrong with you today? You are such a strong ones who can fly long distances and we are sure to get food in a short while. Don't lose your heart, O! strong ones, fly till you find the grains", spoke the leader confidently.

With these encouraging words of the leader, the doves picked up pace and continued their flight. Meanwhile, in the nearby woods (forest), a hunter who wanted to trap the birds, spread some grains on the ground and spread a close knit net. The hunter hid himself behind one of the trees and was waiting for the opportune time. One of the doves in the flock flying above found the scattered grains on the ground and was very much excited.

"Hurrah! we got the grains and no more flying. Let's land here and peck the grains." said the dove happily.

All the doves heaved a sigh of relief and happily landed on the spot to peck the grains and fulfill their hunger. They were so tired and hungry that they couldn't see the net for trapping them. The moment they landed on the ground, they realized that they were trapped in the net as their legs got tangled up in the net. The timid doves got panicky and started yelling while the leader who was intelligent and courageous, did not lose confidence and thought of a plan to escape.

"Dear friends, do not yell but be bold enough to face the situation. Let's work together to come out of this situation. Our legs are trapped but not our wings, so we still have hopes of flying. Let's all together strongly flap our wings and all of us take off (fly) at once along with the net and thus escape ourselves from the hunter." the leader spoke out wisely.

Meanwhile, the hunter who was hiding behind a tree was too happy to see so many doves trapped in his net. He started running towards the trapped birds and the leader without wasting a moment shouted, "Come on guys, restore all your strength and let's fly together before the hunter reaches us."

"Ready, 1, 2, 3, start" shouted the leader.

Flap, flap, flap. The flock flew along with the net before the hunter could reach the spot. The hunter was too angry for the lost and shouted at the birds but of no use. By the time he reached the spot, the flock already flew high in the sky and he couldn't do anything except watching the flock flying with his net.

"Oh! what a great loss?" I have not only lost the birds but have lost my net too." cried out the hunter.

After flying over a distance, the leader told the birds, "dear friends, now we have to free out legs from the net. One of my good friends who is a mouse lives in the nearby forest. Let's land here and go to him. I am sure he will help us."

When the doves landed making a loud noise, the mouse got terrified on hearing the noise and hid himself in a hole. The leader dove then spoke to his friend mouse, " Dear friend, it's your friend dove. We are in great difficulty and came here for your help".

The mouse felt too happy to hear his friend's words and come out of its hide. He felt sorry on seeing the birds trapped in the net. The leader explained the what has happened and how they are trapped and then said, "dear friend, now you only can help us to set free by nibbling the net.

"Don't worry, my friend. This is not a big thing for me. I can set you all free within no time." said the mouse affectionately and immediately jumped to work. It first started to nibble the net round the leader who said, "Oh, dear! thank you for your great help. But please, first set my friends and come to me at the end."

Listening to these affectionate words, all the other doves felt happy and proud to have such a caring leader. The mouse who understood the feelings of his friend, too, felt happy and proud to have such a noble friend who cares for others. So, the mouse nibbled the net within no time and set the doves free. The doves were too happy for the help extended by the mouse and thanked it sincerely.

"I am fortunate and proud to have a friend like you. Dear friend, visit our place whenever you want. We will be too happy to have you as our guest", said the leader dove and then the flock happily flew back on their mission of searching food grains.

Thus, the timid doves under the leadership of a wise and intelligent dove stood united and came out of the difficult situation of their life.

The story teaches us that, we should have a noble and wise leader who could lead us in the right path and we too should stand united at difficult times to overcome the adverse situation of life. This proves that unity is strength.

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