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Lyrics and meaning of Brahmamokkate Parabrahmamokkate

This Keertana is one of the best and most popular compositions of Saint Annamayya in which he describes the universal truth of oneness and omnipresence of God in all the creatures alike. The Keertana is sung in Bouli / Mayamalava Goula Ragam.

Tandanana Ahi Tandanana Pure Tandanana Bhala Tandanana
Brahmamokkate Parabrahma Mokkate Prabrahmamokkate Prabrahmamokkate

The word 'tandanana' is a slang used in the local folklore to give a rhythmic punch to the folk music. While the words 'ahi' 'pure' and 'bhala' are words of appreciation in the local language (different dialects of Telugu). The second line describes the oneness of God.

Kanduvagu Heenadhikamu Lindu Levu Andariki Srihare Antaratma
Indulo Jantu Kulaminta Nokkate Andariki Srihare Antaratma

There is no class distinction like high or low and it is Sri Hari (the Supreme God) who dwells in all the beings. There is even no distinction among the creatures as it is He who dwells in all the creatures.

Nindara Raju Nidrinchu Nidrayu Nokkate Andane Bantu Nidra Adiyyu Nokkate
Mendaina Brahmanudu Mettubhoomi Yokkate Chandalu Dundeti Saribhoomi Yokkate
The land on which the richest King and a servant sleep is the same. So also, the land on which the person with a noble birth (like Brahmin in the Hindu caste system) and a 'chandala' (person of the lowest caste who is engaged in filthy work) walk is the same.

Anugu Devatalakunu Alakama Sukhamokate Ghanakeeta Pasuvulaku Kamasukha Mokate
Dinamaho Ratramulu Tegi Dhanadyudanakokate Vonara Nirupedakunu Vokate Aviyou

The sensual pleasure is the same for the 'devatas' / the super humans and it is the same even for the sub humans like the smallest of small creatures. So also the day and night are same be it for the wealthiest one or for the poorest of poor.

Korali Sishtanammulu Gonu Nakalokate Tirugu Dushtannamulu Tinu Nakalokate
Paraga Durgandamulapai Vayunokate Varusa Barimalamupai Vayunokate

The tongue that tastes the delicious food or the junk food is the same. So also the air that carries the foul smell from an object or the nice fragrance from the other object, is the same.

Kadigi Yenugumeeda Gayu Yendokate Pudami Sunakamumeeda Bolayunedokate
Kadu Punyulanu Papakarmulanu Sarigava Jadiyu Sri Venkatesu Namamokate

Meaning: It is the same sun light / rays that fall on the elephant and that on a dog. So also it is the name of the Lord 'Sri Venkatesawara' which is the savior for all alike, be it a sinner or the holiest one.

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