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Basic Vastu For Residential Flat

Vaastu Sastra is the science of architecture which used to be followed since ancient times for a happy and healthy living. As per this ancient science, there are four main directions and four corners which together make eight directions. Each of these directions is headed with a God and ruled by a planet. According to the positions of the lords and planets of the directions, a building is supposed to be constructed for a happy and peaceful dwelling.

According to the saastra, you need not be particular about the vaastu of a flat as there are a number of flats in an apartment / building. However, you can have an understanding of the basic vaastu saastra of your flat.

Basic Vaastu for a flat

Generally, the buyers of a flat prefer the main entrance to be East facing or North facing as these are considered good for prosperity, yet it depends on the name and horoscope of the owner of the house. Accordingly houses / buildings with South and West entrance are suitable for some people.

For considering internal vaastu of the flat, mainly the corner directions are taken into consideration. Accordingly the North East corner is believed to be Kubera sthanam (the place of Kubera - the Lord of Wealth). Hence it is appropriate to place Pooja Mandapam and allot the place for worshiping and not to have either toilets or kitchen in the North East corner of the house.

South East corner of the house represents the Lord of fire or Agni and is known as Aagneyam. As kitchen is the place of fire, so you should see that the kitchen is located in the South East corner of the house.

North West corner is known as Vaayuvyam and represents the Lord of Wind (air). It is good to have a bed room preferably a 2nd bed room in this corner of the house. It is known that wind blows every thing, so it is also good to have clutter or lumbar (store) room in this corner of the house.

Nairuti or the South West corner of the house is most suitable for having a master bed room. And it is good to store valuables in this corner of the house as it prevents the valuables from robbing or stealing.

Other general things to keep in mind are:
1. Never have a restroom / toilet in the North East corner.
2. Patio or balcony in the East is good.
3. Face East while cooking in the kitchen is preferable. If there is no option for East facing, it is okay.

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