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Lyrics Of Pibare Ramarasam

This is a famous Carnatic classical song / keertana composed by Sadasiva Brahmendra in Sanskrit language. The song is composed in Yamuna Kalyani raagam and is in aadi taalam.

Arohana: sa ri2 ga3 pa ma2 pa da2 sa
Avarohan: sa da2 pa ma2 pa ga3 ri2 sa

Pibare Rama rasam
Rasane Pibare Rama rasam - 2 times

Janana Marana Bhaya Soka Vidooram
Sakala Saastra Nigamaagama Saaram - 2 times
Pibare Raama ....

Suddha Parama hamsa Aasrama Geetam
Sukha Sounaka Kousika Mukha peetam- 2 times
Pibare Raama.....

The meaning of the simple yet great composition goes like this:
Drinking (reciting) the essence of the name of Lord Rama would help in removing the sorrows of life and fear of death. Mostly this great yet simple keertana is sung specially on Sri Rama Navami day

Listen the song by Dr.Bala Muralikrishna:

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