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Tips To Improve Memory Retention Power Of Your Child

Parents of most of the school going children keep complaining / discussing about the poor memory of their children and they keep trying various methods to improve the memory retention power of their wards. Some simple ways to improve the memory power of your children are:
  • As a parent first you need to understand the reason for poor memory of your child. If the child is able to recollect and remember the things which interest him / her, then the child is normal and it is the lack of interest in studies which makes the child poor in memory retention.

  • The first thing you need to keep in mind is that try to change your lifestyle or habits for the sake of your children's education. Try to reduce your TV viewing particularly do not involve in too much TV viewing in front of your children as this would distort their attention and they too develop the habit of extensive TV viewing. So you need to sacrifice a bit for your children's sake.

  • Try to develop a healthy eating habits in your child and try to provide much of natural / fresh foods instead of making them habituated to fast foods and junk foods with preservatives added in it which lack nutritive value.

  • Generally most of the children have a natural fear for the exams, in such a case try to gradually remove the fear complex from the child's mind by following some important tips to overcome the exams. As a parent, never try to create a fear for exams in the child's mind.

  • So also try to help your child in coming out of the exam fear by providing his some important tips on how to answer the paper in the exam hall.

  • It is important to note that always lack of interest in a particular thing leads to poor memory retention. Generally children feel studies as burdensome and hence most of the children lose interest in studies. So try to create interest in your child on the subject or studies with some fun activities and make the learning process an easy one for them so that they slowly pick interest in studies.

  • Do not keep forcing your child to study instead allot a specific study hour for your child and try to be with your child during this hour. Keep telling some interesting stories from time to time and ask your child to tell you back the story. Doing, so you can make out whether your child is able to retain memory or not.

  • Let your child spend some time in some of his / her interested activities like coloring, dancing or art and craft and the like. This would help in relaxing the mind from the pressure of studies and gives relaxation and recreation as well. When the mind is applied on such activities of his / her interest, the mind gets recharged and it will be in a position to take up studies once again.

  • If possible try to engage your child at least for 15 - 20 minutes a day in meditation. Be sure to make him learn meditation under a proper guidance. This is really very effective in increasing memory retention power if practiced in the proper way.

  • Last but not the least do not pamper your child instead try to develop a friendly relationship with your child. Remember that it is very essential to maintain a cordial relationship for a happy and healthy living.

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