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Recipe For Whole Okra / Bhindi Fry

Health benefits of okra / bhindi

Okra / bhindi is one of the extensively used green vegetable by the people of India. There is even a fad among the people that when children consume okra they will improve their performance in mathematics.

Okra can be used in making different curries which is taken as a side dish along with rice or roti.
  • This is a good source of Vitamins A and B and also minerals like iron and calcium besides being an excellent source of fiber.
  • It helps in maintaining a smooth skin.
  • The fiber in okra helps in maintaining the blood sugar levels.
  • Vitamin C present in okra acts as an anti-oxidant which helps giving relief from asthma.
  • Okra is considered a wonderful green vegetable which helps treating infections in the lungs, throat.
  • The fiber content in this vegetable helps in easy bowel movement.
  • The starchy content in okra is effective in beating the heat during summer.
  • Okra being an alkaline helps in neutralizing acidity.
  • Take small tender bhindi / lady's finger wash it under tap water, spread it on a tissue paper and allow it to dry.
  • Once these are fully dry, make a slit half way from the pointed end of the lady's finger.
  • Heat enough of vegetable oil in a pan and place these slit bhindis in the place.
  • Allow these to shallow fry over medium flame.
  • Once these are nearly done, sprinkle little dhania (coriander seeds) powder, jeera (cumin seeds) powder, salt, little red chilli powder and amchoor (dry mango powder) over these fried bhindis.
  • Stir it well and turn off the stove after a couple of minutes.
  • Take these in a serving plated and garnish as you wish.
  • These can be relished as a side dish with rice or chapati.

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