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Tourist Places to Visit In And Around Tirumala

Floral decoration of Entrance Gate on New Year Day 2016
The world famous temple of Lord Venkateswara is located in Tirumala in the Chittoor district of Andhra Pradesh. It is one of the most important pilgrim places for Hindus which is heavily crowded with devotees round the year. The temple is located on the 7th hill known as the Venkatachalam or Venkataadri which is one of the hills of the seven continuous hills. Hence Lord Venkateswara is also known as the Lord of Seven Hills.

The names of the other six hills of are Vrishabhaadri, Anjanaadri, Neelaadri, Seshaadri, Garudaadri and Narayanaadri. It is believed that all these seven hills are curved in a serpentine shape and these are considered as Aadi Seshu which literally means the first serpent that forms the mattress for Sri Maha Vishnu.

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Tirumala is well connected via air route, rail route and road route with almost all places of Andhra Pradesh and of India. As it is one of the most important Hindu pilgrim places, there is no dearth for accommodation. Riding on the ghat roads with the beautiful view of the valleys and Tirupati downhill is enjoyable. However climbing the seven hills by foot is more enjoyable and memorable one. Pilgrims climbing the hills feel spiritual elevated on listening to Annamayya Keertanalu, Govinda Namalu, Vishnu Sahasranamam and other devotional music.

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Places to visit in and around Tirumala

After the darshan of Sri Venkateswara, pilgrims visit the tourist attractions in and around Tirumala.

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Papanasanam aka papavinasam is  one of the most visited places near Tirumala. These are waterfalls that are channelized. Most of the pilgrims visit this place to have a shower under the waterfalls. It is believed that having a bath under this waterfalls redeems one from all the sins. Hence the name papa (means 'sin' in Telugu) nasanam (which means destroy in Telugu). The place is easily reachable and there are good number of buses that ply to this place. Private cabs are also available from Tirumala. There is a temple of Gangamma / Durgamma Devi opposite to the falls. Pilgrims throng the temple after a shower to offer their prayers to the goddess.

My personal opinion, this is not worth a visit. Just an ordinary place with heavy crowd of pilgrims.


From Papanasam, pilgrims visit Akasaganga. This is a nice place surrounded with rocks, waterfalls and trees. The place remains heavily crowded with tourists who get closer to the falls and get themselves drenched. Tourists have to go down the steps to reach Akasaganga.

TTD gardens

This is yet another important place to visit which offers a pleasant and colorful atmosphere particularly during spring when all the flowering plants are in full bloom. Pilgrim relax and refresh their minds, body and souls in these gardens.


This is in the city limits and easily reachable is another main attraction of the place. Pilgrims can take the free bus service offered by TTD to reach this place.


Sila Toranam - Natural Arc
This place is famous as you can see the natural rock formation in an arch shape. The place is near Chakra Teertham. The place has no religious importance but it attracts tourists. My personal opinion, it's okay but no regrets if you don't visit the place.

Chakra Teertham

This is yet another nice place where you need to walk down the rocky steps to see the fall of water surrounded by rocks. The place is quite cool and shady and rich in scenic beauty. There is a small shrine of Chakralwar.

Sreevari Paadaalu

Srivari Padalu
This is an important place as the stone carved feet of Lord Venkateswara are here. Most of the pilgrims do not visit this place. Next time when you happen to visit Tirumala make it a point to visit this place which is on a steep peak of the Venkataadri hill. From here the entire temple complex along with the Bangaaru Gopuram of the temple can be seen as a bird's eye view. It is believed that Sreevaaru (Lord Venkateswara) stepped at this place and hence the name Sreevari Paadaalu which means the foot prints of the Lord. Devotees bow down to the foot prints of the Lord which is a must see place.

Besides visiting the tourist places in Tirumala, pilgrims also visit the places in and around Tirupati

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