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Preparation Tips For CBSE Board Exams

As the countdown for 10th and 12th std CBSE board exams begins, a majority of the out-going students and their parents will have a nightmare and worrying a lot about the forth-coming board exams and the results thereafter.

Keep all your worries at bay and try to come out of the situation by following some effective exam preparation tips. As an experienced teacher of a CBSE school, I am sure these tips would be helpful to the students and parents too.

Most of your are well aware of many of the tips mentioned here, yet either you ignore or don't pay attention to follow these. Once your exams are over, next in line for worries is the result. Remember that there is no point in worrying or repenting once it is done. That too, the very thought that you haven't done the papers well, scares you and makes you sick. Better late than never, if you follow the exam preparation tips, then it is good, if not, start your preparations right now and prepare well with the available time with proper management of time.

Effective tips for preparing for CBSE board exams

  • Try to overcome exam fear if you have an in-built fear for the board exams. Remember that it is not just you are the only one who is passing this phase of life but it is a fact that every literate person has gone through this phase.

  • Have a proper planning of exam preparation well in advance at least 1-2 months in advance for your board exams. If not even one month will serve the purpose. Do not get panicky in case you have less time in hand for preparation, but try to fully utilize the available time and dedicate yourself to studying / preparing.

  • As a part of you exam preparation planning, set a time-table all by yourself or take the help of your parents or friends who are reliable and try to strictly follow it at least till your exams are over. Remember that this is a short period of hardship in your life. And once you come out of this difficult phase, you can enjoy the sweet ripe fruits of your hard and dedicated work in your future life.

  • Once you are done with your time-table, you can start collecting all the required study material for your exams like texts, notes, reference books etc and remember to keep your notes updated and make sure that there is no pending work.

  • Remember to keep yourself busy the whole day with the arrangements for your exam preparation in the beginning. As a part of your preparations for the exam, arrange a study table for yourself either in a separate room if available in the house or in a corner of a room which has less disturbances and with good lighting. Avoid studying in the living room / hall which is full of distortions and disturbances from all sides.

  • Another thing to keep in mind while preparing for the exams is that do not make too much comforts in your room like a small LED TV on the wall, ear buds plugged into your ears to listen to your favorite music in your i pods, smartphones and the like which are sure to distort your mind from studies and you fail to concentrate on studies. In addition to lack of concentration all these comforts might make you doze while studying. So try to stay with minimum comforts and with nearly zero distortions. Do not keep your smartphone / mobile and i pods / i pads with you or in your room while you study as you will be tempted to have a look into these.

  • Yet another important thing, do not arrange your study table in the room where you have your computer / laptop with the internet connection. As this is the main source for you to distract your mind from studies. Try to keep yourself away from all these comforts at least till you finish writing your board exams for your sake.

  • Now once you seriously start with your preparations, avoid keeping yourself confined in the closed rooms and avoid studying continuously for hours together as this is sure to make your brain dull and very soon you end up with lack of interest in studies.
  • So try to take small intermittent breaks of 15-20 minutes after every 1-2 hours of studying. And when you take a break completely forget about your studies and go outdoors for a stroll to enjoy the nature and the fresh breeze of air as this would be of real help to get yourself refreshed and recharged. You will have a fresh feeling when you come out of the closed room and this will help in recharging your brain which will now be in a position to grasp the subject. By doing so you will really find studies interesting and when you are interested in your studies you are sure to have success in the exams.

  • To keep your awake till late nights do not develop the habit of consuming tea. But completely avoid consuming of tea or coffee and depend on fresh fruit / vegetable juices which are good for health.

  • Developing healthy eating habits is very important for overall health condition of the body and particularly during the exam time. Hence try to avoid eating fast foods, junk foods and consuming carbonated soft drinks as far as possible. Instead depend on fresh fruits which are real help in keeping the body hydrating during the exam time when the days become hotter and hotter due to summer.

  • Instead of sitting all alone and learning the lessons by heart, try to involve yourself in group discussions / group study with your friends as there would be mutual exchange of knowledge and things that are discussed in such group studies will be easily remembered and recollected during the exam time. Group studies are a real helpful ones if the group members are studious.

  • Make it a habit to keep referring books with you other than the prescribed NCERT books for getting extra information on the topic from these books. Always keep an English dictionary in hand and keep referring to it and developing this habit of referring dictionary is not only useful during your exam time but it is also very useful in improving your communication skills in English.

  • One more important thing to keep in mind is - do not keep yourself awake till late nights for studying as this might make you sick at the exam time due to lack of proper sleep, Instead have a good / sound sleep at night and get up early in the morning for studying as this is the best time for studies where there would be calmness around and even the air is fresh and pure which makes you feel fresh.

  • In case of lack of interest in studies or poor memory power, then allot at least 0-15 minutes every day on meditation as this is very useful / effective in improving your concentration power and memory power as well besides relaxing your mind and thus refreshing it and enabling your mind to accept more stuff.

  • Try to spend little time for physical exercise like walking or cycling which would be refreshing. Beside giving exercise to the mind, it is important to keep the physical fitness of the body as well. Due to long hours of sitting and studying, sometimes the body parts become stiff. To avoid such stiffness and to keep the body parts flexible it is necessary to go for a regular physical exercise.

  • While you keep preparing for your board, in case you have any doubt in a specific subject or lesson, do not ever hesitate to get these doubts clarified from your teachers. Don't fear / think that teachers will scold you for not preparing well but keep in mind that teachers are ever ready to help you out in clarifying the doubts and make you prepare well for your exams.

  • Besides following all the above mentioned tips, you must also concentrate on the techniques on how to answer the paper in the exam hall and try to know the tips to answer the papers in the exam hall.

  • Last but not the least to keep in mind is: Eat healthy, drink healthy, sleep healthy, think healthy and stay healthy - this is the most important mantra for not only a good score in the board exams but also for the overall success in life.
Follow these simple tips for preparing well for your forthcoming board exams and score well in the exams.

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