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How To Make Poornam Boorelu / Sweet Stuffed Balls

Burelu is one of the most popular sweet item of Andhra Pradesh and any function, in particular a marriage is considered incomplete without Burelu. And these are made on festivals and offered to the God / Goddess.


  1. For the outer cover of burelu, you need to soak one measure of whole black gram (urad daal) and one and half measure of rice over night and grind it to a dough with dosa batter consistency. Add just a pinch of salt and not too much
  2. Or else you can even take one measure urad daal powder and one and half measure rice flour and soak it for an hour to make it to a dough
  3. Pressure cook one measure of Bengal gram (chana daal), after it is done, strain out the excess water and add equal measure of jaggery to it and keep it over low flame
  4. Keep stirring till the jaggery gets dissolved and starts thickening
  5. Once it is done, switch off the stove and on cooling add elaichi i.e cardamom powder, mix it well and smash it to a paste
  6. When it becomes paste, make balls of desired size of it and spread it on a plate and allow it to dry for some time
  7. Now heat enough oil in a pan, take each sweet ball, dip it in the dough and deep fry it in the oil
  8. Be careful while deep frying as there are chances of breaking of the outer cover or hole forming on the outer cover and the sweet stuff coming out of it
  9. So make sure that the sweet balls are completely dried so that these are intact.
  10. That's it, hot hot poornam burelu ready for naivedyam to the God and then savored
  11. You can make it much tastier by a making a hole at the center of the poornam bure and pouring ghee in it. This way the taste of this sweet is really doubled and is beyond description. In particular, when you pour solid ghee in the hole of hot hot burelu, the ghee melts inside the hole and this give a rich taste to burelu

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